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Who Is Angela McCallum, Wikipedia Biography, Is She With The Trump Campaign? Phone Call Records Revealed!



She is assisting their effort in some way. On Wiki, Angela McCallum is a Trump organization worker. She served as Donald J Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign’s Regional Office Administrator. As a reduced Republican employee, McCallum was called by the Capitol Riot Commission. McCallum did an internship at Americans For Wasteful Spending as well as the Trump Administration Department on Cabinet Affairs.

Who Is Angela McCallum

Who Is Angela McCallum

Angela’s phone conversation has gone viral on Social media. She formerly worked like that of the Situation Room Leader again for ’s Conservative Senators Committee in the Georgian Senator Runoff elections. In terms of his academic experience, she attended Clemson College and majored in Finance. Despite this, she does have a page on The first Monday Tactics that includes information on your schooling and employment. Angela McCallum does not have a Wiki entry. Nevertheless, based on her photographs, she appears to be in her mid-twenties. Her actual age has yet to be revealed.

She subsequently attended college in Englewood, which was run by the state. Her family has lived in Greenville, Florida, where she did grow up alongside her dad. She is actually employed with First Monday Strategy, a government affairs campaigns and public affairs agency based in Charleston, Florida. In 2019, she will graduate with a in Finance and a focus in Biological Sciences. As per her instructor, she excelled in Commerce. She began to work for the Trump J Donald for Presidential 2020 team after finishing her internships at the Governor’s Mansion.

Upon finishing college, she worked in the White House’s Department of Intergovernmental Relations. So according to Fresh Reports, she pretended to be there with the Trump team on the telephone conversation. Angela McCallum left a note wherein she urged a Detroit congressional representative to choose Trump fans as delegates. The House Intelligence Committee on Accountability & Political Reform is investigating the vote rigging that lead to our Senate in 2020. The findings need not represent the genuine will of people in Detroit due to election rigging.

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