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Who Is Amy Schneider? And Girlfriend Kelly Anneken? Wiki Biography Age



The popular show Jeopardy Season 38 has undoubtedly given some incredible champions so far. Currently, Amy Schneider has been dominating the entire game playing field. Well, this has also brought Amy into the headlines. As Amy Schneider also happens to be the first transgender to qualify for the quiz-based show, netizens are curious to know more about her. Besides, her personal life has become a hot topic in the town. People seem curious about Amy Scheider alleged girlfriend Kelly Anneken and trying to search for their details. Here’s what we know about them.

who is Amy Schneider

Following the footsteps of Matt Amodio, the recent champion of the show, Amy is also keeping herself calm and composed while answering the questions with the help of hints. It is no doubt that she is breaking all the records and has been impressing the viewers. With that, Amy has garnered a huge fan base who is now rooting for the impressive player. Talking about who is Amy Schneider, she is an American engineering manager.

However, she is popularly known for her appearance on the television game show, jeopardy. As a contestant, Amy is ruling hearts with her outstanding game. Amy Schneider has become the biggest trans champion on Jeopardy to date. Besides, she has also become the first-ever transgender contestant who will be competing in Jeopardy’s Tournament of Champions which speaks volumes about her personality and talent.

The engineering manager has a tattoo of Princess Ozma who she thinks had been the rightful heir but was sadly abducted while she was still a baby by a sorceress who enchanted the princess to become a boy. She had stated that the enchantment is lifted and now she has become the beautiful princess she always was. The tattoo kind of depicts her true emotions and a perfect picture to commemorate her transition. Speaking of her personal life, Amy belongs to San Francisco Bay Area. However, she currently lives in Oakland in California.

As per sources, she married Kelly Anneken in 2004 and earlier she used to identify as a male. In 2016, Amy divorced Kelly as she started to look at herself as a female. The Jeopardy contestant had shared that how she was bullied in her school days because of her masculine look and how she felt insecure about herself. Now, she has transitioned from a guy to a woman and has become a beloved transgender. Not much is revealed about her and Kelle Anneken on the internet yet.

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