Who Is @Adinaaa18 On TikTok? Check Real Name Viral Assualt Video On Reddit & Twitter Instagram

Tiktok is remaining the subject of discussion among everyone as a new controversy is surrounding the entire platform. As user @Adianaaa18 is coming into the limelight through the content which is surfacing on social media, since the users got acquainted with the incident their immense reaction started to come out. Because her video shaving rounds of the whole social media, which indicates that something uneasy is being contained by the video, which will definitely set the fire among the people, so this is the reason everyone is keen to get more, so below you could get all pieces of vital information.


As per the reports, in the viral video, it is appearing clear that a young woman and her roommate are being bullied by two men while waiting for a vehicle, and the video of the entire scene posted on social media grabbed immense views in just a small time period and therefore, everyone is unleashing their deep reaction on the action of the two who have assaulted the women, which seems inappropriate enough and requires the punishment as well. Therefore, whoever is watching the viral video they are urging the concerned department to take any action against them.

Who Is @Adinaaa18?

It is being reported, that hitherto more than 1 million likes and has been fetched by the video along with 6.5 million views, and almost everyone is expressing their rage towards it. User @Adinaaa is identified as Adina who was waiting for the Metro where two men came and started passing such remarks to them and started assaulting at the same place. When the video occurred on the internet sites, it set the fire as everyone started sharing their thoughts on the incident. So you could also watch the entire video of the incident because of which, you will get the idea about the incident.

When it comes to the essential details regarding the victim’s personal stuff, she did not share the appropriate details about her on social media. Because of this, it would not be appropriate to share such false information about her as other reports are claiming. Even she did not give her reaction yet, so when something will spot we will update you for sure. But according to her photos, she seems to be an 18-years-old girl, but besides this, her date of birth is not unveiled yet, so when something will come we will update you.

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