What Was Thierry Mugler Cause Of Death? French Fashion Designer Dies At 73

A black square has been shared on the official Instagram handle of the popular designer Thierry Mugler which is stating that he has died. Yes, the post was shared with a caption that reads that they are devastated to announce the sudden demise of Mr. Manfred Thierry Mugler on Sunday, January 23, 2022. The announcement of the unfortunate news has shaken all his well-wishers and fans who are now taking to social media to pay him sincere tributes. Various posts are being shared on the internet where people are remembering the great designer.

What Was Thierry Mugler Cause Of Death? French Fashion Designer Dies At 73

Apart from paying him heartfelt tributes, netizens are also searching for Thierry Mugler’s cause of death. However, it has not been disclosed by his team and family yet and it still happens to be a mystery. Nevertheless, it is also coming forward that he may have died of natural causes. Well, we can not confirm anything as it is not confirmed whether the designer had any health complications in the past or not. Along with fans, his celebrity friends and the personalities who he had worked with are also expressing their sadness on his untimely death.

Who Was Thierry Mugler?

Talking about Thierry Mugler, he was born on Dec 21, 1948. The designer managed to establish a name for himself in the industry after launching his fashion house in 1970. He remained a familiar name for decades and in 2002, he eventually took retirement from the brand. However, he later returned to the fashion world in 2013 as its creative adviser. Thierry had designed signature looks for personalities like Diana Ross, David Bowie, and Grace Jones in his initial days when he was still trying to make himself stand out in the industry. He also went ahead to design outfits for Demi Moore for the 1993 released film “Indecent Proposal”.

Mugler also launched “Angel”, a perfume, in 1992. To his surprise, the perfume became one of the best-selling perfumes of the 20th century. Thierry’s vintage collections became popular among other celebrities too which include the well-known singer Lady Gaga. For those unversed, the designer and the singer also shared a close friendship bond. Lady Gaga has even mentioned the designer in one of her songs titled “Wild Side” and had worn his designed outfits while appearing on music videos and red carpets. Mugler also designed outfits for the World Tour of Beyonce’s “I Am..”. He even designed the look for Kim Kardashian for Met Gala in 2019.

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