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What Was Sri Mulugu Ramalingeswara Death Reason? Check Wiki Biography Age



The renowned astrologer Sri Mulugu Ramalingeswara Siddhanti has sadly passed away. Yes, it is being reported that the astrologer had died and has left all his loved ones behind to mourn. His name has occupied all the top trends on the internet as netizens are devastated after learning about his demise. People are taking to social media to pay the noted astrologer heartfelt tributes. As Sri Mulugu was quite popular among celebrities and politicians, everyone is expressing their sadness on his sudden demise. Here is what we know about his cause of death and other things.

Sri Mulugu Ramalingeswara

Amidst all the tributes and condolences, netizens also seem to search for Sri Mulugu Ramalingeswar Siddhanti’s cause of death. Many are still in disbelief that he is no more. Well, it is coming forward that the astrologer was taken to Nim Clinic which is located in Panjaguta by his relatives. Although it is not clear what happened to him suddenly that he had to be taken to the clinic. As per reports, he was declared brain dead by the medical staff upon arrival and this is the reason behind his sudden passing. The news has brought a sway of sadness among his loved ones.

Who Was Sri Mulugu Ramalingeswar?

Talking about Sri Mulugu Ramalingeswar, he was a familiar name among the Telugu public. Be it the government or the general public, everyone seemed to get affected by his kind and words of enlightenment. The astrologer used to attract a huge section of people towards his sayings which broadcasted on the television. Believing the sources, it is reported that Siddhanti died some moments after reaching the clinic and that he was taken to the hospital by the Ramalingas Varasidhati route. Mulugu has reportedly created a monastery in Srisailam.

In his created monastery, Brahmins were taught Pooja, Vedas, and Homadi customs while it also celebrated Pashupatinaths every month during Shivratri. He was a native of Guntur who spent his four years residing in Hyderabad. Mulugu used to inform people about impending activities with the help of his calendar. It is no doubt that he was a very familiar face in the astrology world and has earned a lot of recognition throughout his career. His death has become the cause of sorrow for many of his followers who are now sharing tributary messages for him on social media. Our prayers go out to Mulugu’s near and dear ones in this hard time too.

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