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What Was Lauren Smith Cause Of Death? Young Girl Found Dead Check Wiki Bio Boyfriend



The entire Bridgeport, Connecticut is in immense shock and mourning to the death of a young and charming Lauren Smith who was 23 years old. It is being said that the 23 years old went missing after going on a date. The family of Lauren got worried after she failed to make contact with her daughter they informed the police and registered a missing complaint about her daughter. The police started their investigation and after die-hard efforts, the Police found Lauren dead. The Police are fetching the details of the circumstances under such mishap happened. Get more information on Who Lauren Smith Fields is and her death cause.

Lauren Smith

The law enforcement released a statement after negotiating with Lauren’s family that Lauren Smith-Fields who is 23 years old black woman met a white man on a dating app. Her family further informed her that she went on a date with the white man and wouldn’t return. Later, the police found the dead body of the young girl. The police authority sent the corpse for autopsy and tried to collect evidence from reports. The Police officers are also trying to figure out the white man who went on a date along with Lauren.

Lauren Smith Cause Of Death?

The family of Lauren is completely devastated after learning about the tragic death of their daughter and demanding justice. In one of the interviews, the family even said that they are deciding to appeal legal proceedings against the police department of Bridgeport, Connecticut, as the law enforcement are failed in collecting the details of the suspect and the details of the events under which this mysterious death took place. The entire incident happened in December and now it is January and the Police are still swamped in the investigation.

As per the reports issued by the Police the man with whom she went on the date was the one who informed the police that the Smith was lying down on the floor bleeding and didn’t appear to be breathing. The unidentified man said he know Lauren just for the past three days and visited her apartment for the first time. He added that Lauren was ill the last night.

The next day on 12th December 2021, the man was shocked to see that her nose was bleeding and she wasn’t breathing either. He then called the emergency service who informed the family. The family said that he was the last man who saw their daughter alive whereas the police said that the man played a crucial role in the investigation. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more worldwide updates.

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