What Was Jason Rivera Cause of Death? NYPD Officer Shot Dead While Attending Domestic Violence

Here we are sharing a piece of sad news with you that, A young police officer from NYPD lost his life named, Jason Rivera. He was shot by a domestic violence suspect in Harlem, Manhattan. 22 years old Jason Rivera and fellow NYPD officer Wibert Mora, who is 27 years old, A domestic call was attended by them on Friday, January 21.

Who Was Jason Rivera

Upon arriving at the scene, Jason was very badly shot in the hallway by a 47-years old suspect. The suspect was likely arguing with his mother. Here are several things for telling about the article, you are on the right page for getting the right information. We will tell you the entire matter in this blog. Let’s continue the article. keep reading.

Who Was Jason Rivera?

According to the sources, Jason was fatally shot in the hallway by a 47-year-old suspect, who was likely arguing with his mother. He fell onto his back and later succumbed to his injuries. The report is, his partner Wilber Mora was also hit by a bullet and is currently critical.

If we talk about the suspect’s identification as Lashawn McNeil, who was later shot in the neck and shoulder by another officer of Jason and Mora.

He is currently known as well to be in critical condition. However, Jason Rivera’s death on the serving duty was mourned by NYPD Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell as well as New York Mayor Eric Admas. Keep reading.

How Did Jason Rivera Die?

He said ” He is struggling to express his feelings what they are undergoing, and they are angry as well. The pain their families are facing is not something anyone can put into words,” On the basis of Mayor Eric Admas statement, let’s weed out that 1% this is a fight- Violence against New Yorkers, that’s war they are in as of now.

They are in a war with a tiny number of people that believe they will hold their city hostage with violence. That will not happen”

According to the NYPD website, “that time when the officers reached at the apartment around 6:30 PM, they told with the suspect’s mother.

Officer Rivera and another officer went to the rear of the apartment to interview the suspect during the 3rd of officer approached the door to the room and the door was opened by the suspect then immediately started to fire at the officers, noticeable officer Jason and one of his partners.

Officers Jason and the second injured officer were both brought to the Harlem Hospital in grave situations. Officers Rivera succumbed to his injury sometime later. We have shared all the information about the news which we have. Stay connected for more updates

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