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What Was Hana Horka Cause of Death? Czech Folk Singer Dies After Deliberately Contracting Covid-19



Another news of the sudden death of an anti-vax has surfaced on the internet. The death of famous Czech folk singer Hana Horka has shocked many. Right after this news hit the internet, rich tributes and heartfelt condolences took the internet by storm. There are uncounted fanatics of the singer who totally devastated to hear about her unfortunate demise.

Hana Horka cause of death

Along with it, several people tried to confirm her cause of death and some more information regarding this tragic news. Czech radio conveyed that Hana willingly exposed herself to the virus rather than get the vaccine, while her husband and son caught it before Christmas.

How Did Hana Horka Die?

Sources claimed that she reportedly died after contracting COVID-19. She was an anti-vax personality and now she has passed away because of the Chinese virus. In EU states, proof of vaccination or recent infection is required to obtain a health pass that allows individuals to access public facilities and travel.

Let us also tell you that Rek mentioned that Hana, her husband, and her son were sick but Hana was sick for five days before her death. On the other hand, her husband and son were only sick for three days.

Let us also tell you that Hana posted on her social media accounts just two days before her death. In the post, she stated that she survived the virus. Let us also tell you that her son Jan Rek said “She went for it. She was supposed to stay away from us, but she decided to remain at home with us normally, preferring to go through the disease than to get vaccinated.

What Was Hana Horka Cause of Death?

It is sad my mom trusted strangers more than her own family”. After that, he also confirmed that his mother died in bed by suffocation. He also said that the information received by his mother is not false information but has been deliberately changed.

As of now, the only data open about Hana Horaka is that she was the singer of the band Asonance. Any detail related to her personal life, date of birth, educational background, and much more are not revealed yet. Hana passed away from COVID-19 after being exposed to the virus.

She went outside for a walk but after returning she complained of back pain and soon she died of suffocation on her bed. Now, many people are praying for her resting soul and giving their condolences messages to her family members who suffer from a very difficult time.

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