What Was Christine Lee Cause of Death? 16-Years-Old Girl Raped and Killed Pictures Explored!

On social media, everyone is talking about a girl named Christine Lee who has been brutally killed and raped. Since the news of this incident came on social media, she has become a topic among the netizens and it is heartbreaking to hear about the girl. Many people are paying tribute and expressing their sorrow over her passing.

What Was Christine Lee Cause of Death

Along with this, most of the people want to know about her and the updates of her case. According to social media, the post-morterm pictures of Christine Lee Silawan is circulating on the web.

Many people get shocked after hearing that the incident took place in 20219 and on March 16, 2019, her lifeless body was found in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. She was raped and brutally killed at the time. While the case was investigated, a suspect named Jonas Martel Bueno was arrested at his home in Barangay Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City.

Much details about this case were not disclosed but some pictures are circulating on social media that are unbelievable that how can someone be so cruel. Her body was discovered exposed from the waist down, with stab wounds all over the body.

Who Was Christine Lee?

According to the sources, Christine Lee was a 16-years-old from Cebu, the Philippines who worked as a church collector. Police found her lifeless body in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu with almost nine defensive wounds and 20 knifes wounds on her body.

After the autopsy report, it was indicated that her trachea, tongue, sections of her neck, esophagus, and right ear were missing. While her half face was peeled to the skull which was done to destroy her appearance.

Her forehead, eyes, and neck were burned after the suspect splashed acid on her face. She was choked with a one-centimeter rope. Another suspect, Renato Llanes was arrested after revealing an extrajudicial confession of killing Christine on April 9.

What Was Christine Lee Cause of Death?

Well, the sources said the suspect hanged himself on May 24, 2020. On the other side, Jonas Martel Bueno rejected his involvement in a murder case of Silawan. As per the reports of the Philippine National Police, three people were involved in the killing of Christine Lee.

While the CCTV footage showed that Christine Lee was walking with an unknown male in the early hours of March 10. She was killed on March 10, 2019, between 6 to 7 PM, said forensic reports.

In 2020, the news of her killing was the biggest controversy on the Internet. Many people started to talk about this incident and even paid tribute to the 16-years-old Christine Lee. Along with this, the forensic reports revealed that some caustic material was used to destroy the half face of the victim.

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