What Is Virat Kohli & Anushka Daughter Name? Vamika Viral Video Photos Images

Undoubtedly, the kids of celebrities get attention from birth. However, some celebrities refrain from showing their baby’s face to the public. You must have guessed about whom we are talking about here. Yes, the renowned cricketer Virat Kohli and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma’s daughter Vamika has been in the news ever since she took birth. The couple did everything to keep her away from the paparazzi. Well, a short video featuring Vamika has gone viral on the internet and has been creating a lot of buzz as Vamika’s face can be seen in that viral clip.

Virat Kohli & Anushka Daughter

Recently, a video clip surfaced on social media where Virat Kohli’s daughter Vamika was seen clapping as her father played on the ground. The video features Anushka Sharma carrying Vamika in her arms as they smile and clap for the cricketer. As it is the first time the general public has gotten to see Vamika’s face, it has been going insanely viral on the internet. Where several people are gooshing over Vamika’s cuteness, the couple’s loyal fans are demanding its removal from the internet.

An internet user who seemed to share the screenshot of the video is being asked to delete it as well. The first look of Vamika’s face was disclosed during India Vs South Africa’s third ODI match. Towards the end of the video, Anushka even planted a sweet kiss on Vamika’s face and asked her to look in the field pointing towards Virat. Internet is flooded with posts as netizens are expressing their love for Virat and Anushka’s daughter.

Vamika Video Viral Photos Virat Kohli Daughter

Plenty of people are even stating that Vamika looks exactly like Virat Kohli and has very beautiful eyes which kind of makes her look like a foreigner. Let us also tell you that Virat had talked about keeping his daughter private. Talking about the same, Virat had said that as a couple they have decided to give privacy to their daughter by keeping her away from all the limelight and attention. He has added that until Vamika understands what social media is all about, they will continue giving her privacy.

However, her official face reveal has surely ruined their plan as Vamika has started to trend on various platforms and has gotten everyone talking about her. As the picture and clip went viral, the couple shared released a statement where they stated that they were caught off guard and had not known that the camera was on them. They requested everyone to delete the picture and the video for the reasons they have explained earlier.

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