What Is The 5 And 500 Challenge? All About Viral Workout Trend Why Is It Trending?

Hello, all the people in this digital world there are numerous trends that become Internet sensations every day. Each new trend went viral on the Internet and captivate the audience. A huge amount of Internet consumers along with some significant users follow the trend and publicize the trend at its peak. Well, as of now, a new fitness trend is surfacing all over the Internet that is followed by some of the renowned fitness enthusiasts are following the trend. The viral trend gets titled 5 and 500 challenge. Get more information on The trending 5 and 500 workout challenge.

What Is The 5 And 500 Challenge? All About Viral Workout Trend Why Is It Trending?

According to the latest reports, the workout trend is circulating on some of the significant social media platforms including Twitter and all the fitness freaks are going bananas for it. Well, the workout challenge is not as much as it is trending, the follower has to cover its whole nine yards while performing it. The extreme workout challenge is not easy for everyone to perform. As the challenge include the user has to squatting and deadlifting 500 pounds and then has to run a mile in less than five minutes. However, as it seems quite exciting but it is quite dangerous at the same time.

What Is The 5 And 500 Challenge?

Although, some of the renowned fitness trainers suggested beginners not perform such a hugely difficult task. As it needs blood, sweat, and tears from anyone who tried to follow the trend. Trainers also advised that the trend is not safe as picking up such hefty weight and running a mile without consistent practice. The trend has been started to push the limits of only fitness trainers and enthusiasts. It is not the cup of everyone’s tea. As the challenge can assist to build muscle and the users can also get rid of fat within a short period of time.

As per the reports focused on Men’s heath claimed that the 5 and 500 challenge was invested by former CrossFit Games director Dave Castro’s develops the CrossFit Games. A few years back in 2018, the director reminisces a conversation along with a famous athlete named Scott Panchik.

Their discussion ended by devising a challenge including a sub-five-minute mile, a 500 pound back squat and 50 unbroken pull-ups in one day as an extremely difficult fitness challenge. The fitness enthusiasts considered the challenge as impossible that become a trend after many years. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest worldwide updates.

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