What Happened With Alicia Witt Parents? Check Their Cause of Death, How Did They Die?

Walking Dead fame Alicia Witt has finally broken her silence on her parents’ shocking death. The actress’ parents Robert Witt and Diane Witt were reportedly found dead in their residence in Massachusetts in December. It was reported that the Alicia Witt Parents died a month ago from hypothermia after their heat went out in their run-down home. The news had shocked everyone to the core and had become the subject of discussion too. Till now, the actress had not said anything about the incident and now after a whole month, she has spoken about it.

Alicia Witt Parents

The actress shared a post on Instagram and Facebook and expressed her feelings upon losing her parents. Alicia wrote that she has known the moment she heard the voice of the detector on the phone that her parents are gone. Alicia added that the feeling that she would never be able to hear their voices is saddening and that she will begin the rest of her life by finding her parents in a dream, the breeze, and in a song.

Alicia Witt Parents Death Reason?

Witt further revealed that she got to celebrate and mourn her parents as she attended a beautiful service and burial. Continuing the post, the 46-year-old actress described the pair as fiercely stubborn and beautifully original souls and added that she was not allowed to even enter their home for around 10 years. She expressed her sadness as she wondered if she could have done anything to prevent this loss.

Alicia said that the more she helped them, the more she struggled and said as she even petitioned the court system for taking control of two very capable and independent adults. Talking about the last time she spoke with her parents, Alicia said that she told them “I love you”. Alicia also added that her parents were not penniless and she had tried plenty of times to help them out but they never let her and never took her help so what could have been done by her. She revealed that she received a call from the detective when she was also concerned as she had not heard from her parents for a while.

It was then she came to know about her unfortunate passing. For those unversed, Alicia Witt parents were reported to have died from hypothermia which is a condition that results in the body temperature dropping to a dangerous level and it could have happened because they have been exposed to cold for a long time. It also came forward that Alicia’s father Robert Witt, 87, was battling cancer while her 75-year-old was suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.

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