What Happened To Andy Thomas? Kettle Gryp Co-Founder From Shark Tank Dies?

The quite popular business-based TV reality show ” The Shark Tank Season 13″ is remaining the subject of discussion among everyone since episode 13 is broadcasted. Through which the makers welcomed Kettle Gryp the founders’ Daniel ” Dan” Sheppard and Andrew ” Andy Thomas” while their slope got the pact. The ending scene of episode 13 left everyone in deep shock also, as the entire cast and crew of the show paid tribute to the late Thomas whose departure took place last month due to cancer. Amidst all this, Shark Lori Greiner took the support of her Twitter to handle to unleash her deep feelings towards the deceased.

What Happened To Andy Thomas? Kettle Gryp Co-Founder From Shark Tank Dies?

As per the exclusive reports, Thomas lived his last moments of life at the age of 47 due to fatal complications of Cancer which proved as the prime cause of his passing. On Twitter Shark, Lori wrote a long paragraph, in which she unleashed her deepest feelings because Thomas was an integral part of the business world and popular for his strategies that provided immense height to his business along with those, where he invested his money. Because he had amazing ideas which always proved beneficial for the aspirants, but unfortunately he is no longer among his admirers.

What Happened To Andy Thomas?

As soon as his fans came face to face with the news of Thomas’s death, their very deep reaction came out which was very sad. Because in this way his departure from this world is very sad for everyone because he has succeeded to such an extent that everyone loved to consider him as their ideal. That’s why almost everyone paid tribute to him while praying for his family because everyone can understand what pain they were going through at that time. But no one could one do ahead of God’s will, except instead of praying for the peace of his soul. 

When the news of his death came, the reaction of so many people had come to the fore that we cannot even tell you because he was also a popular face. Even the flood situations were occurred on Twitter as well, as everyone was unveiling their deepest feelings towards him while praying for his family as well. Because nothing was more painful at that time for his admirers and family than this. But as everyone knows no matter what happens but the show must go on, therefore, the makers have decided to welcome another investor, but they did not forget to pay tribute to him while recording the show. 

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