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Watch Video: Kanye West Punching A Man Viral Video Check Complete Incident



Another video has surface the internet that has brought the American rapper Kanye West into the spotlight. The viral video features the artist reportedly punching a man. Now, LAPD is interrogating Kanye and has confirmed that he is currently a suspect in the investigation. They released a statement where they said that the officers responded to Santa Fe Ave and Bay Street at 3 AM. It was also added that with Kanye West as a named suspect, a battery report has been completed and that they have not arrested anyone in the case yet.

Kanye West

As per reports, the incident occurred on Thursday, January 13, 2022, at 3 AM. A video that explains the incident has taken over social media. It shows a group of people who are outside the Soho warehouse asked not to click pictures by Kanye. The artist further said something about the people not understanding what he is going through. Someone from the group replied with “it was okay”. Well, this was the moment when the rapper lost it and punched the said man. The video that has been going viral shows the rapper screaming at a woman who is trying to help him calm down.

Kanye West Punching A Man Video Goes Viral

Reports claim that the said woman is Kanye West cousin who was trying to sort things up. Witnesses who happened to be at the scene also claimed that the rapper punched the man in the neck and head and that it resulted in the victim falling to the ground. However, at first, the victim did not take any medical care after being punched by the man. Later, he visited an urgent care clinic. According to the reports, when the incident took place, the rapper was at Delilah in West Hollywood along with Julia Fox.

After the incident, the 44-year-old artist left the venue while Julia remained at the club. Although the matter has been spreading like a wildfire online, the officers have not detained anyone in the incident. However, it has come forward that the officers are investigating the incident and are trying to find out what exactly happened at the scene. Besides, the reason why the incident happened is also unknown at this time. In the viral clip, Kanye is heard saying ‘Get away from me.” to which a woman says that she is her family. Kanye shouted back at the woman saying “No! You were supposed to talk to her”.

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