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Watch Video: Hitman Holla blasts doc for dismissing girlfriend’s pain: ‘I hate racist a** ppl!’



Popular Rapper, Gerald Fulton Jr,  Also known as Hitman Holla, went on a rant in an Instagram video as he accused the doctor of racism for dismissing his girlfriend Cinnamon’s pain for an old shooting injury. The rapper claimed that the doctor laughed at his girlfriend when she told the doctor about her pain and discomfort.


On Tuesday, January 18, the 33-year-old star filmed himself angrily talking about the doctor while he was walking around in a hospital. He expressed his frustration in the caption, “I HATE RACIST A** PPL !!!! MY GIRL WAS SHOT IN THE FACE SHE IS EXPERIENCING REALLY BAD PAIN BECAUSE OF NERVE DAMAGE,” he wrote.

“THE DOCTOR CAME IN VERY RUDE TOLD HER ITS NO WAY FOR HER TO BE FEELING THAT PAIN HE BEEN DOING THIS FOR 16 years HE EVEN LAUGHED WHILE SHE CRIED ‘Your all ova the place’ IN THE ER!!. He then asked his 1.7 million Instagram followers to contact the hospital in support of his girlfriend. NORTH SIDE GWINNETT HOSPITAL 6783121000 679 312 1000,” he added. “CALL AND LET THEM KNOW THEY SHOULDN’T TREAT PPL LIKE THAT WHO COME FOR HELP!!”



Cinnamon took to her Instagram stories where she described her symptoms to her followers. She wrote, “Update: at the ER! I’ve been having really bad pain since i took my neck brace off. My whole body has been shocking up and feeling numbness to the point i hyperventilate. They are about to do an emergency CT scan.” She also said just two hours later, the doctor told her the scans would cause cancer and she doesn’t need one. She added, “bruh I’m about to walk tf out”.



Cinnamon was shot during a home invasion in October last year. Hitman, who was out of town when the robbery took place, detailed the incident on social media at the time. “Last night 4 n***as broke & ran into our home and shot Cinnamon,” so he wrote. “Bullet went through her cheek and out the back of her head.. She’s at the hospital now being strong …”



Shortly afterward, Cinnamon gave an update on her condition. “Honestly i really don’t know what to say, but to give thanks to the man above!” she posted on her own Instagram Story, “Thank you Jesus thank you Jesus!!!”

“I never knew I was this strong until now!” she went on sharing about her feelings. “I’ve never been so afraid in my life man, but i was covered by the blood of Jesus! I love yal so much!”

Hitman, meanwhile, shared a picture of Cinnamon at the hospital and wrote in the caption, Thanking the man upstairs & wanna say the power of positive energy love and support is real .. y’all really sent that our way .. we very appreciative.. thanks again we gone pull through this together love y’all.”


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