WATCH: Medical student Enes Kara Suicide Video Went Viral Social Media

A suicidal attempt of a Turkish boy is making the news headlines all over the world. Enes Kara, who was 20 years old had been attempted suicide, everyone is in a suspense now. While the netizens are heading on the web to know a complete story of his suicide. Enes Kara’s suicide is the most searched news on the web, we have fetched here a piece of complete information regards the same, so your search is going to be finished in this article.

Enes Kara

Enes Kara Suicide Video

Firstly, it is mandatory for you all to know that he was in the second year of his college at Elagiz Firat University. A Medical Faculty of the university took to the video in which they noticed, Enes was under the pressure on the community dormitory, it not only ends here he was even worried for his future ahead. On account of this, he ended his life yesterday. This step of him makes his parents and other beloved ones disheartened, they are in the massive grieve, as their son was in a trauma and they didn’t even know about it. They are heartbroken that they couldn’t even know about the depression of their child nor did they were realized ever that he had been going through anxiety.

Enes Kara Video Explained

“Everyone is running out from medicine because there is mobbing, there are long-term outbreaks, there is a chance of roughness from the patient, you functioned as a slave, I do not enjoy such a future. It is mandatory to pray and obey the classes of the community in the dormitory where I live, it is required to read the textbooks they deliver, I am not a Muslim myself, my family does not even know. When I said that I wanted to go somewhere else’s, I got the answer no.” This s the suicidal note of Enes.

Mehmet Kara is a father of Enes stating that “he is also in this community for the last 25 years, and his son was an introvert kind of person. He does not even talk to his friends much, he used to be kept quiet and love to spend his time being alone. With 25 years of experience, being in the same community I have never ever felt any issue here. While we aren’t complaining and understand the situation very well.”

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