WATCH: Jason Jones Video shows Man Burst Into Flames After Taser Discharge Viral on Social Media

Jason Jones is no more in the world and had been dying too early, he was just 29 years old. He was from Catskill who announced dead on December 15, 2021. He even suspended his 37 days on life support following a horrific fire incident at the Catskill Police Station. There is a video of him too in which the entire incident was recorded by the surveillance. So stay glued to us to gran complete information of the incident.

Jason Jones Fire Incident Video

Jason Jones Video

The video was unveiled by the New York Attorney General Letitia James on January 7, 2022. In the footage, you guys will be going to be seen that a man being engulfed in flames when he had been shot by an officer who shot him with a taser gun. He first entered a police station and after this, he went into a fight with the police officer. Just after this, he loses his temper and soaked himself in the sanitizer. In a video, we can also see that there have been three officers seen running away from the lobby.

Jason Jones Fire Incident Video Explained

On October 30, 2021, Jason Jones has entered the lobby of Catskill Police Station and had a verbal spat with this three-police officer. While there is a spat between them a man took off his shirt and he threw his shoes while covering and soaking his neck and back in sanitizer. As one of the police set the taser at the man, he had been into the fire as there has been a chemical reaction from the sanitizer in the footage you guys can also notice that the incident short chastens has been in the flames with within a few seconds. After these two officers has been out from the lobby and they shut down the door of it the third officer went towards Dor lobby and the corner while we can see that Jason was in the Flames on his body.

Just after this when the victim put out the flames back into the station’s lobby and then he again tried to speak to Jason. Later paramedics were at the scene and they had been transported the 29 years to the hospital. Is injured 6 there have been serial injuries and it also causes damage to his lungs and other organs as well whereas his ability to breathe is also disrupting now. Where was Jesus’ attorney is now and willing are claiming that the officers harmed and an armed individual?

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