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Watch Jack Wright Video: TikTok Star Accuses Sienna Mae Gomez Of Assault In Viral Clip



Once again, Jack Wright and Sienna Mae are remaining the hot discussion among the people on social media, as recently their another video went viral in which, both are clarifying their side through the statement. As soon as the video is getting circulated on social networking sites, it is fetching uncounted views and reactions again. Because in the statement a few unknown facts have been unleashed by them, that made everyone shocked enough. So below you could get the comprehensive details behind the news along with the whole statement of the two, which is getting surfaced on the internet rapidly.

Watch Jack Wright Video: TikToker Accuses Sienna Mae Gomez Of Assault In Viral Clip

As per the exclusive reports, on 21st January 2021, the video came into the limelight where both are justifying themselves, as Sienna is seen by saying that nothing happened that night, the kind of allegations that have been leveled between the two are from Jack’s side which is absolutely inappropriate. Because as far as she’s concerned nothing went wrong with Jack, because if there was such a thing he should have talk confronted to her, but hitherto he did not initiate anything besides alleging her for assaulting him, which is inappropriate to pronounce as well.

Jack Wright Accusation Video Explained

On another side when we talk about the statement of Jack Wright, he has talked to everyone saying that the whole statement of Sienna is false and she is saying all this to prove herself good which is wrong. Talking further, he also said that that night when the two were together, suddenly Sienna’s manners altered towards him and she did some such act which was not right, even after repeatedly saying that they are just good friends, Sienna did not control and persisted with her misbehavior. Even in the morning, she apologized to him as well by saying that she did not know what has happened with her last night.

Despite this statement, Sienna has refused to accept whatever Jack is claiming through the video she mentioned that she did not apologize to him at all. Because hitherto, she did not talk to him and he did not come too for confronting if something had happened with him at that night. This is the reason, netizens are getting confused as to whom they should believe because both are claiming different stories. So, therefore, no one is understanding that to whom they should consider because both are claiming different things.

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