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Watch Gaachi ULLU Web Series Full Episode Online Review Actress Real Name Age Instagram Cast



Hey, web series lovers, once again your favorite video streaming platform is bringing an incredible erotic drama called Gaachi Ullu, since the makers made an announcement, it brought the curiosity of the admirers up to the extent. Because for a long everyone was eagerly waiting for it and finally their patient is going to over, as they have cleared through a post which they recently made, along with those pieces of vital information that will be proven beneficial for you at the time of streaming. But before anything you need to get everything like release date & time, star cast, spoiler, review, etc.

Watch Gaachi ULLU Web Series Full Episode Online Review Actress Real Name Age Instagram Cast

The web show ” Gaachi” is being dropped by the makers on the 21st January 2022 officially as they have shared through a statement, which took place lately. Even the promo has been released as well on the official site of ULLU along with YouTube, and thousands of views have been grabbed by the promo because the series is containing such a different story than other web shows of ULLU. Because this time you will be blessed with a bit thrill as well along with some erotic scenes which you were waiting for, so below you can get the story plot for an idea.

Watch Gaachi ULLU Web Series Full Episode

When it comes to the story plot, it revolves around the newlywed couples who are facing problems due to some issues, because in the village almost all-male spend their nuptial night in a brothel with another girl instead of their wives, and as soon as the time is passing these activities are getting enhanced, which is becoming the prime cause behind the great thinking of all those females, who did not spend even a single night with their husbands due to this worst activity, but later, the main lead actress decides to fight against this so that, their circumstance could get better.


  • Rani Chatterjee
  • Ankita Dave
  • Jaya Pandey
  • Garima Jain

Since the promo took place among the aspirants their curiosity hit all headlines as they are not ready to wait ahead, but they will have to as only a few hours are left on the broadcasting. But before anything, you need to purchase the subscription because the app requires the subscription so, without having it you will not able to access the app. So go and purchase it because it’s available on the official app and not too expensive so you could purchase it easily.

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