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Watch Ana Karina Soto Y Alejandro Aguilar Leaked Video Twitter Reddit Viral Clip Link



The famous Television presenter named Ana Karina Soto is grabbing headlines after a video of her went viral and plenty of the rumours are saying that Ana Karina Soto has recently preyed cyberbullying. However, some of the sources are claiming that the presenters’ private video got viral on the internet post which she is being harassed online, and in this, her husband is also being preyed on the same bullying. Here is the complete case explained.

Watch Ana Karina Soto Y Alejandro Aguilar Leaked Video Twitter Reddit Viral Clip Link

The entertainment presenter on RCN publicly denounced that her home security cameras were hacked and she is suffering from cyberbullying for the dissemination of intimate videos. If you are already her fan you must be in the swim that back in 2008 her other explicit video went viral on social media and set the internet on fire and at that time it was said that her video was filmed deliberately but got dropped on the internet accidentally.

Now sources are saying that Again, as had happened years ago in 2008, they were shooting intimate videos of Ana Karina Soto on social networks but as we sad that this time it was not even supposed to happen but this time it was not a consensual recording like the previous one, but computer thieves entered the servers of the security cameras in her house.

Ana Karina Soto Y Alejandro Aguilar Video

In a show of CANAL RCN, Ana Karina Soto and her husband Alejandro Aguilar talked about the difficult situation they are going through the presenter of Buen Día Colombia and her husband were victims of cyberbullying, they talked about what happened and made a call to society. Don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you! This can happen to anyone, the important thing is to be aware of what may be happening with the information we have in our hands.

However, the video of the couple is not available online currently but as the couple opened up about the situation it can be assumed that how worst the situations have been turned for them and their fate is facing so many things. If you are searching for their video then stay tuned with us because soon we will explain the video as well.

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