Viral video shows Florida ‘Karen’ throwing drink at bartender after finding bug in it

A TikTok video of a customer throwing her drink at a bartender has gone viral. The surveillance video shared by the bartender shows the female customer throwing her beverage at the bartender who served her. Apparently, this ‘Karen’ saw a bug in her cup and tossed the contents of the cup at the bartender.



On December 20, on her TikTok handle (@teamhellathick), the bartender shared the clip of getting splashed by a margarita and it recieved over a million views. The bartender even posted more videos answering follow up questions posted by viewers.

She captioned her video by saying, “Karen was mad a bug flew in her drink… on the beach… and now im wearing a margarita.” The security footage shared in the TikTok shows an unidentified female who is standing across the bar table and talking to a man who was seated beside her. The man in a blue shirt is assumed to be the bartender’s manager.



The bartender and her manager were both taken by surprise when the woman in black clothes tossed her drink at the bartender out of nowhere. Then, the ‘Karen’ customer picked up two drinks from the bar and walked away like it was no one’s business. While the manager followed her, other bystanders were still trying to understand what had happened as they were quite surprised.



In her follow up videos, the bartender said  she was having a casual day at work when she made the drink for the woman. Apparently, the woman took her drink, went back to the beach, and returned 10 minutes later. When she came back, she complained about the bug in her drink. The bartender said, “I know what exactly it was, meaning they come from the dunes. She had the drink on the beach and a bug flew in it. It wasn’t in when I made it for her.”



She added, “So she lifts up the drink when she didn’t hear what she wanted to hear, and looks like she is going to throw it at my manager and my manager is like: you wanna do that. She just looks at me and throws it at me.”

Recalling the incident, the bartender said she was really angry at the moment but in retrospect found the whole incident very funny. She also said that she will not press any charges against the customer.

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