VIDEO: Rebecca Maddern Leaked Video Leave Twitter Scandalized

Novak Djokovic has become the burning topic in Australia after his visa was revoked by the Aussie government just before the tournament and after this Novak Djokovic’s name ultimately is connecting with a new controversy every day and this time two journalist from Australia has called the world’s top-ranked tennis player an a**hole during his visa saga matter which is currently catering headlines in every news. Take a dig in this article and learn more on the Novak Djokovic visa issue which has become the bone of contention on social media and in News channels.

Rebecca Maddern

Rebecca Maddern Leaked Video Explained

Many of the people remarked that statement as a publicity stunt to gain some limelight through this hot subject, two Aussie journos named Rebecca Maddern and Mike Amor, these two are the reason for viewers rally around them for calling apex tennis player an a**hole. Rebecca Maddern and Mike Amor are the two anchors of Channel 7 and they created this controversy when they did a candid discussion on Novak Djokovic’s visa issue and later it become leaked on Twitter. Rebecca Maddern said to Amor that whatever way you examine it, he (Novak Djokovic) is a lying, a**hole, Rebecca recently joined Channel 7 after leaving rival network Nine just a few days ago and in addition, Amor also said Djokovic is an a**hole and you have got a bullsh*t fu**ing reason and then he slipped over his own fu**ing lies, which is what ensues right?

Rebecca Maddern Leaked Video

Channel 7 quickly responded to these statements and announced they have started a probe into the illicit leak and made it clear there would be serious consequences for the perpetrator. And later Rebecca Maddern apologized for her words on Djokovic and many viewers considered it inappropriate statements by the anchors while some viewers claimed that it was the great segment they had seen after a long time which represented the frustrated air of Australians on Djokovic saga unfold.

Rebecca Maddern Video

Anonymous Australian wrote on social media that every citizen of Australia should take a stand for Rebecca Maddern and Mike Amor they have just said what we are thinking and what the rest of the world is thinking right now and other unknown person wrote that Rebecca and Amor just said thoughts of 90% people of Australia and many more wrote in favor of Amor and Rebecca. Stay connected with our blog to know more on this issue and why viewers rally around Maddern and Mike Amor.

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