Video link: Santosogerio Twitter video of Maggot Explored – Santosogerio and Tmzbaltimore Twitter Video Of Maggot explained

Video shared by Santosogerio shows Maggots, a girl and a boy in quite awkward and unbelievable situation

Recently, on TikTok and Facebook, everyone is talking about a video called “Maggot video” and you may have heard about it also. Although the Maggot video is disgusting enough that TikTok and Facebook wouldn’t allow it on their platforms, Twitter allows such kind of videos upto a certain limit.

You might be confused about what is “Maggot video” and why TikTok doesn’t allow it even if every body is talking about it. Here we are to tell you the details of viral TikTok maggot video, and we will give you the link where can you watch it but with an advise “Don’t watch it” otherwise you will regret your decision.

Maggot video is about a couple who are yet unidentified. The video shows the couple in an inappropriate situation. The more inappropriate is the fact that “Maggots coming out of nowhere but out of kuku” which makes people regret to their decision of watching the video. The video doesn’t show the faces of boy and the girl. It only shows Maggots and the kuku.

The purported video was shared on Twitter by several users and it is being shared on Twitter since the beginning of January 2022. However, recently, two Twitter users “Santosogerio and tmzbaltimore” are getting popular because they posted “viral Maggot video.”

Who are Santosogerio and tmzbaltimore on Twitter

Tmzbaltimore is a Twitter account with 10K followers as of now. The account was created in October 2020 and its handle is @tmzbaltimore.

Tmzbaltimore Twitter profile
image via Twitter @tmzbaltimore

Looking at the information available on their profile, it says that the Twitter user is a blogger and a news personality. It’s bio reads: “WELCOME TO TMZ BALTIMORE WE POST ANY AND EVERYTHING SEND IN VIDEOS BALTIMORE ONE OF THE MOST LIT CITIES IN AMERICA!!!! |Click Link Down Below).” Below he has given the link of his YouTube channel.

Santosogerio Twitter account: DDisplay name “Rogerio Santos” popular by his Twitter handle @Santosogerio is another Twitter account who posts hilarious videos such as girls fight, and funny injection reactions. But Santosogerio became popular after posting “Viral Maggot video” which now has been deleted from his account.

Santosogerio Twitter account was created in November 2021 and he has 12.2K followers as of now.

Santosogerio Twitter profile
Image via Twitter @Santosogerio

Watch Santosogerio Twitter video or Tmzbaltimore Twitter video of maggot couple

TMZBALTIMORE Twitter video also known as Santosogerio maggot video is trending on Twitter today for all the wrong reasons. Twitter user “Santosogerio” went Viral because of a Maggot Video On Twitter, Reddit and TikTok. Santosogerio video is viral on facebook as well. We will tell you where can you watch the Maggot video shared by Santosogerio Twitter account, just keep reading below.

Well there is a hilarious video of couple with maggots coming out of the wrong place. Even though people who have watched the video are now regretting and wishing to throw out, many people are still curious to know more about the video. The reason behind their curiosity is that everyone on TikTok and Facebook is talking about the Maggot video of girl and boy.

Recently, The viral maggot video of TikTok, has been shared on Twitter by a user @Santosogerio and Tmzbaltimore. We will advise you to not watch the video because it may inappropriate for many people. However, here is the link to a Twitter post with Viral Maggot video.

Users Regret after Watching Tmzbaltimore Twitter video (Santosogerio Twitter video)

As we mentioned above, Facebook and TikTok users are rushing to Twitter after finding that Tmzbaltimore and Santosogerio have shared the viral Maggot video. But they are now regretting their decision.

Reacting with a meme to Santosogerio maggot video, a Twitter user wrote: “NAHHH SOONNN NAHHH IS THAT MAGGOTS!?!? NAHH SON SQUARE UP.

“I can’t ever come on Twitter without seeing some BULLS*IT,” wrote another user.

One person said: “I need to stop listening to tiktok.”

Another person wrote: “Ewwww I saw someone’s fb post a n@sty a$$ video of guy hitting her raw inside full of f**king maggots. Bruh I wanna go throw up!!! 🤮🤮🤮.”

See more reactions below.

What is Maggot

A maggot is the larva of a fly; it is applied in particular to the larvae of Brachycera flies, such as houseflies, cheese flies, and blowflies, rather than larvae of the Nematocera, such as mosquitoes and crane flies. A 2012 study estimated the population of maggots in North America to be in excess of 3×10¹⁷.

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