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Video link: MCCO Shamar and Larry L3aked Video tape by Tmzbaltimore goes viral – Tmzbaltimore Twitter video Explored



Mcco Shamar and Larry le@ked vide-otape goes viral on social media leaving fans Scandalized. Following the le@ked video, a Twitter user “Tmzbaltimore” is also trending online because he is the one who first shared the purported video of Shamar and Larry on Twitter.

We will explain who is Tmzbaltimore on Twitter and what is “Shamar and Larry l3aked video” about.

Mcco Shamar trends online after a video of him with his boyfriend Larry goes viral on Twitter
Image via Twitter

As we all know, Shamar Rice Aka MCCO SHAMAR, popularly known as Queen Shamar, is a social media influencer, TikToker and a member of LGBTQ community. Larry is the boyfriend of Shamar and they have filmed dozens of videos together and they often appear together on TikTok live, Bigo Live and Instagram live.

On January 22, 2022, a private video of Shamar and Larry emerged on Twitter and went viral in no time. The “Shamar and Larry l3aked video” was first shared on Twitter by a use “Tmz Baltimore” Twitter account handle @Tmzbaltimore.

The purported video shows Shamar and Larry involved in a pr!vate act. The video of both was streaming live on Bigo by several fans.

Following the Tmzbaltimore Twitter user, several other Twitter users such as “Thugstatusx Twitter account and thevaultuncut Twitter account” have also shared the video prompting hundreds of thousands of views by each account.


The l3aked video of Shamar and Larry has gained over 256K views by only Tmzbaltimore Twitter page and thousands by other users.

Where Can you watch Shamar and Larry video: Well this is for which you might come here. As we mentioned above, the video has been shared on Twitter by @Tmzbaltimore Twitter account and several others. You can watch Shamar and Larry video by visiting the timeline of mentioned Twitter users or you can follow this link to the webpage where you will get Shamar and Larry viral video.

Watch video here


Shamar MCCO is a Social media star who is best known for the dance, lip-sync and comedy videos he posts to his mccoshamar TikTok account. His fans had boosted him to over 500,000 followers on the TikTok.

Born on March 6, 1997, Shamar Mcco hails from Atlanta, United States. As in 2022, Shamar Mcco’s age is 24 years.

Shamar has lost his first TikTok account “mccoshamar” due to violations of TikTok policies. However, he has made a new TikTok account with ID “shamarmcco134” and gained 51,000 followers as of now. Watch his latest TikTok video below.

Previously, Shamar had an Instagram account (@shamar.mcco.67) with over 100K followers. But this account has been removed from Instagram.

Aftee making a new account, Queen Shamar has 13.4K followers on Instagram and his Instagram account ID is @Shamaar.mcco.56.

After his l3aked video with Larry, Shamar has turned his Instagram account to private and only his followers can see his Instagram content.

Who is Tmzbaltimore on Twitter

Tmzbaltimore is a Twitter user with 12.4K followers as of now. He shares hilarious videos of people and social media celebrities. Recently, a video, called “viral maggot video” shared by him and various other Twitter users, went viral on social media networks. On January 22, 2022, Tmzbaltimore shared “Shamar and Larry l3aked video” with his 12K followers and the video has received 247K views so far.

Shamar responds to the *LE@KED* video

After thousands of social media posts roasting Shamar and Larry online, Shamar came forward with a video response over the viral video.

While responding to social media trolls, Shamar said that he doesn’t know how this video gone viral on Twitter wnd who posted this video. But those people, who are sharing and sharing the video, should know that this is my private video with Larry and people shouldn’t share it while making fun by saying “ow see what Shamar and Larry are doing.” Because this is our private business.

Shamar also told that Larry got a new mobile phone and a chain from him. Watch what Shamar has to say on viral video, below.

Twitter Reacts to Shamar and Larry Viral video

Since the l3aked video of Shamar and Larry emerged on Twitter, social media has been flooded with memes and hilarious reactions.

A Twitter user wrote: “Shamar and Larry l3aked video is something I didn’t expect in 2022.”

“Shamar l3aked the video & it went wrong 😂😂😂😂😂,” wrote another user.

Another person wrote: “Naw Shamar and Larry know they wrong that video look so stank 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.”

See more reactions over Shamar and Larry l3aked tape, below.

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