VIDEO: Ahmaud Arbery Shooting Jogging Video goes viral on social media

In the era of the 21st century, we are still discriminating against people on the basis of their color. Many black people are still facing discrimination on the basis of their color and sometimes they have to pay a heavy amount for those mistakes which they have never done. One such black person has been killed while he was jogging. As per the latest report, A Jury discovered Gregory and Travis McMichael and their neighbor, William Bryan, guilty of assassinating Ahmaud Arbery in the month of February 2020.

Ahmaud Arbery Shooting Video

Ahmaud Arbery Shooting Video

Bryan also got the maximum penalty of life but was offered the possibility of parole in thirty years. The judge stated that McMichaels had not viewed empathy or remorse for Arbery. Judge Timothy Walmsley stated he gave them serious sentences in part due to their “callous” words and actions captured on video.

Ahead of his judgments, the family of Arbery called for the harshest possible punishments for the 3 men as a means of bringing “closer to a tough chapter” in their lives. The case has raised several questions about racial justice in the US South.

Ahmaud Arbery Video Jogging

Arbery, (25-years-old) a citizen of Brunswick, Georgia, was out of jogging in an adjacent, paramount white neighborhood when the ternary chased and then cornered him in pick-up trucks prior to the younger McMichael shooting him at the time of struggle. The accused argued that they acted in self-defense while trying to make apprehend the citizen of a suspected robber but prosecutors argued race was the main factor.

Gregory McMichael (66-years-old) his son Travis (35-years-old) and Bryan (52-years-old) were found guilty in the month of November of killing, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, and criminal purpose to commit a felony. Judge Timothy Walmsley stated on Friday that “Taking the law into your own hands is a serious and dangerous endeavor. A neighbor is more than the individuals who just own property around your house. In assuming the worst in others, we view our worst character.”

Members of the Aebery family delivered powerful sufferer impact statements as they called for the 3 men to be “entirely committed for the results” of their actions. Through full of tears, Wanda Cooper Jones, who sat in the courtroom during the trial spoke straightway to her late son. She stated that “This verdict does not bring you back, but it does aid bring closure to this very tough chapter of my life.”

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