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Video: Adrien Fourmaux Monte-Carlo Crash WRC Rally Monte-Carlo 2022 Car Accident



Recently, a piece of quite frightening news is coming in front of the people from Monte Carlo Rally which made everyone shocked, as no one even thought that they will hit by such news. Yes, you heard right, Adrien Fourmaux and his co-driver Alexandre Coria were fortunate to avoid the injury in the perilous collision. As the news came to the fore, a deep reaction of people is coming out, because almost everyone is thanking God that they do not have any bad luck. So below you could get the comprehensive details behind the news and their current health circumstances.

Video: Adrien Fourmaux Monte-Carlo Crash WRC Rally Monte-Carlo 2022 Car Accident

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the incident occurred during the Monte Carlo Rally when the M-Sport driver lost control over the vehicle “Ford Puma WRC” and hit a cliff rock wall, as per the consequence the car threw into the air and the driver flipped over a fence and into a dale. As soon as the concerned department got the news they reached the spot to rescue them, and got a sigh of relief because no severe injuries were spotted which was a matter of great happiness because both beat the worst consequences in such a manner.

Adrien Fourmaux Monte-Carlo Crash

Reportedly, the footage of the incident is catching the heat on social media and emerging rapidly as well, and as soon as it is being streamed by the netizens their shocking reaction. It can be clearly seen in the video how intense was the incident that the car flew into the air and both of them fell out which was also frightening somewhere. But as we have been mentioned both are safe and nothing happened with them, so that’s why all the fans are expressing their happiness, because no one would like to see their favorite ones in the trouble. 

The entire racing world is congratulating them as they are back alive and did not surround by any severe injury, but initially, some reports were claiming the different story, which had been delivered through some anonymous sources, which does not have even a genuine base. But when the concerned department made an announcement officially, it cleared everything while putting off the curtains from the exact news. But besides this, the exact footage of the accident is fetching immense views as well, which is enhancing the curiosity of the admirers of the two to get the details of their current health circumstances.

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