Udaariyaan Written Update 22nd Jan 2022 Today’s Episode: Amrik Commits Suicide?

The coming episode of Udaariyaan is going to be dramatic enough, because Amrik has decided something worst to make himself save from the conspiracy of Jasmine. The other reason is he does not want to see her the daughter-in-law of Virk’s because once she will enter their house, then she will try her best to break them, no matter what happens. Therefore he says that he will have to do something to refuse her all plans, but now he does not unleash what he is going to do now, which is grabbing the entire attention.

Udaariyaan Written Update 22nd Jan 2022 Today's Episode: Amrik Commits Suicide?

After a while, Amrik decides to end up his life as he is alleging himself as the root of these exploits, hence he commits suicide, by saying that if Fateh does not marry Jasmine then she will tell everyone that he became the cause of someone’s unexpected demise, while nothing is like it is just a trap of Jasmine as she wants to enter in the Virk house and this is the reason she is blackmailing him in such a manner so that, he could help her in these exploits because alone she could not do anything. Therefore, Amrik decides to end up his life so that, no obstacle could come ahead in his path.

Udaariyaan Written Update Episode

On the other hand, Fateh is ready to trap Jasmine in her plan because he knows how to execute these plans against her, as only he knows all tricks to trap someone. Therefore, he says that before it is too late he will have to do something, because as soon as time will pass Jasmine will create obstacles for him and his family which is inappropriate enough and he will not let her execute these plans, because he knows the consequences as well, therefore, he mentions that no matter what happens but he will not let her get success in this.

But despite all this, Jasmine is looking ahead to get Fateh by hook or by crook because hitherto she does not know that Amrik has committed suicide due to her blackmailing. So now it would be amazing to watch when Fateh will come to know about all this so at what kind of behavior he will do with Jasmine. Because as far as we have concerned Fateh always prefers his family as his first priority and if someone does something against them then he will not let that person forgive.

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