Udaariyaan 29th Jan 2022 Today’s Written Update: Jasmine Overturns Everything Against Tejo

The 29th January 2022 episode of Udaariyaan is bringing a high voltage drama as Tejo is ready to throw Jasmine out from the Virk forever so that, she could not affect them at all. Because she knows everything about Jasmine whenever she will the chance she will definitely do something to hurt them, which is inappropriate enough. Therefore, Tejo is unveiling all those exploits of Jasmine which she made prior against the entire family while using Amrik and Simran as well. Meanwhile, Tejo mentions that no matter what happens now she does not want to take chance with their safety.

Udaariyaan 29th Jan 2022 Today's Written Update: Jasmine Overturns Everything Against Tejo

Therefore, Tejo asks Angad Maan to favor her and he agrees with her as well because somewhere Jasmine betrays him too. Despite knowing that both have signed a deal to ruin Fateh besides Tejo, in spite of this she has done plenty of inappropriate things for Tejo. This is the reason at the time of exposing Angad Maan also unleashes such facts about Jasmine that make everyone deeply shocked. But amidst all this, a twist arrives when the entire Virk family asks Tejo to show some evidence against her so that, they could get the help of the concerned department.

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Meanwhile, Tejo says that she does not have any proof now against her but as far as she has concerned Jasmine’s prime involvement is standing behind the detaining of Amrik. Because she planned a false accident to trap him so that, she could get the help of him in such conspiracies so that, no one could even suspect her and her all works could also be completed. As soon as Jasmine hears Tejo’s statement she also starts giving her justification by saying why she is trying to make her feel let down, despite knowing that she has changed properly.

At the same time, Tejo rebukes Jasmine and says that it seems she does not understand the language of the words, so she does not need to care more because in the future when she will come she would definitely bring some strong evidence to send her behind the bars. In short, now Tejo is going to take such a different look to trap Jasmine because she has understood very well that Jasmine will have to get the answer in her own language. So now uncounted unexpected twists and turns are ready to take place in the show that will definitely make you feel over the top.

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