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Truck Convoy: Is Tamara Lich Racist? Go Fund Me Fraud Allegations



Hello, all the peers, so Tamara Lich emerged as the guardian angel of all the Truck Drivers protesting in Canada “Freedom Convoy 2022.” So, in between all this one of the board of directors of Maverick Party Tamara Lich arrived in the support of the convoy of the drivers. The director began a fundraising page for the drivers on Go Fund Me to assist all the drivers who are struggling after the central government of the country imposed a mandate during the pandemic. Apart from all this Tamara Lich was alleged for being a racist.

Tamara Lich Racist

As of now, Tamara Lich is getting attention all over the Internet as some of the unspecified sources claimed that Tamara Rich alleged racism charges. However, none of the charges has been proved to the director so far. According to the latest updates, the fundraising page amassed around $4.7 million in reserves raised by the Truckers escort. At the time, the protest is gradually moving toward the nation over toward Ottawa in dissent against immunizations commands. The news is getting wide popularity all over the Internet. But along with this the news of Tamara Lich racism has been attached.

Tamara Lich is becoming the talk of the town after she took the initiative of this fundraising page that has accumulated $4.7 million so far on the significant fundraising page GoFundMe in the support of truck drivers. As the fund has raised millions and now zillions of people are demanding to release information on the flow of the funds. The official fundraising page has confirmed halting the assets in the opportunity escort pledge drive until an affordable arrangement m related to how the assets would be expended should be shown in an appropriate manner.

Numerous B.C drivers arrived on the street on Sunday to execute their protest named “opportunity escort” to Ottawa in dissent of the national government’s pandemic immunization order for cross-line drivers. Along with that many Tweets are claiming that Canadian entrepreneur is raising the fund for their own need. If we talk about her she is currently associated with some of the huge oil and gas industry and is also a singer in a local band.

As we informed you above none of the above-given allegations have been proved on Lich. It is also being reviewed whether any of the investigations proceeding against Lich or not. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest worldwide updates.

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