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Travis Pastrana Accident Video Viral On Internet CCTV Footage Leaked Watch Online



Travis Pastrana Accident Video Viral On Internet CCTV Footage Leaked Watch Online Recently, a video went viral in which a prevalent American skilled motorsport challenger and stunt performer has been injured. Recently, Travis Pastrana has met with an accident in which he got some injuries. After his accident, he was immediately taken to a hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Let us also tell you that the accident happened on Saturday when he was trying to do a parachute stunt that went wrong. In the stunt, he had to jump from an expensive hotel in the city down to Huizenga Plaza. He is recovering after being injured in a parachute stunt.

Travis Pastrana Accident Video

Travis Pastrana Accident Video

Just after that, the video of the stunt has been taking lots of rounds on the internet. Talking about the video, it has been published on Instagram. Let us tell you that Travis appears in the video and he trying to handle his parachute after jumping from the top of the resort. Suddenly, he picks up the speed and lands on the ground. In the last seconds of the video, the 11-time X Games gold medalist can be caught hurling forcefully into the grass near the hotel. Pastrana’s publicist told local news portal WSVN that the stuntman, who was presently hitting a web series, mourned a ruptured pelvis in the accident and had to undergo surgery.

CCTV Footage Leaked Watch Online

Fortunately, his publicist told him that he was expected to be in a perfect recovery. “The surgery went well and she is excited to get home and help,” he said. After the accident, Stephen Gollan, ft. The Lauderdale Fire Chief come to the fore and confirmed several details related to the matter. As we already mentioned Travis Pastrana Accident happened on Saturday morning when his team was shooting in the vicinity of Andrews Avenue and Las Olas Blvd. After that, Gollan said, “A stunt at the time of the happening did not go as intended, resulting in a challenging landing for a parachutist who jumped off the Hyatt Hotel”.

Now, the accident video has gone viral all over the world. Pastrana announced to The Guardian about the stunt in 2019 that “it was kind of a pass or a fail. It was a really exhilarating test to see if my teammates with a parachute-like me are strong enough to hold me in the air. Or not. It turns out it was forbidden and put me in great danger. Oddly enough, jumping out of a plane without a parachute isn’t a terrible thing: clinging to your parachute-wearing partner and hoping you’ll fall No”. So, stay connected with us for further details.

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