Todd Biles Zanesville Death: CEO 5B’s Embroidery and Screen Print, Cause of Death

Todd Beers, president and CEO of 5B Embroidery and Screen Printing in Zanesville, Ohio, passed away, according to an online obituary on Tuesday, January 18, 2022. “Salute to Todd Biles, CEO of 5B Embroidery and Screen Printing, for giving me the opportunity at your company,” Taylor Blank announced via Facebook. However, the cause of his death was not disclosed.

“Rip todd bilis was honored to work for you, a great man for the opportunity you gave me…I wouldn’t be who I am today,” Robert Moore wrote…God bless your family, there When you are needed, you will be missed. “Condolences and prayers are always available for the family and friends of the deceased as this will go a long way during this difficult time for them.

Obituary Todd R. Biles, 57, of Zanesville, died at 6:55 pm. Monday, January 17, 2022, at Genesis Hospital in Zanesville. He was born in Bel Air on May 14, 1964, the son of Leland and Vicci (Stottlemyer) Biles. Todd was a loving husband and devoted father who worked tirelessly to provide a good life for his family. At the age of 29, Todd was promoted to president and CEO of the family business 5B’s Inc.

He takes this promotion very seriously and always wants to make his parents proud and provide economic opportunity for families in our local community. Working with his sisters, Todd can always be found at work because that is his true passion and calling. He loves his children, wife, nieces and nephews, and other special family members working around him.

Not only are Todd’s key employees dedicated to helping run the day-to-day operations, they are also his closest friends. Todd’s dedication to 5B will be unparalleled, but his love for all employees will always be there. Todd loves sports and is a big fan of the Steelers and the University of Michigan. Turn blue! His passion was further ignited when his son Shane became interested in baseball.

Todd’s passion for coaching young people is a natural thing for him, and he is proud to be a father figure, friend and mentor to the countless boys who have played for him and the grown men who have coached with him. He never shies away from challenges and accepts the responsibilities that come with his leadership role in all aspects of his life. Todd realized his dream by building Stinger Field on the 5B site.

The time he spent there and on countless other courses across the country has been a source of many fond memories. Todd’s other joys include watching his daughter Alana, fulfilling her dream of becoming a lawyer, walking her down the aisle at her wedding, and welcoming a new son (Zach) into the family. His most recent joy was being “The Big Poppy” for his only granddaughter, Eliza Jewel.

Todd gave his wife Julie the best life any girl could ask for, the only regret is that they won’t spend their golden years creating more memories together. Todd is known for his tough exterior, but at heart, he’s the biggest teddy bear with a heart to match. He loves his family like anyone else, is the most generous person you’ll ever meet, and strives to do what’s right for those he loves, including his colleagues. Todd is a good friend to many young and old.

He is fortunate to have such a devoted and dedicated good friend Chris Nash, who works with him every day at 5B, for better or for worse. Special friends like Craig Baldwin and John Biles Jr. are a source of fun, jokes and support that will never be forgotten, and mean a lot to Todd. Todd grew up loving and serving God and worked hard to instill this attitude in his own family. In the end, he loves his parents and his entire family, including his in-laws, and he strives every day to make them all proud.

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