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TikTok’s Adina details horrifying experience at a train station



TikTok user Adina, who goes by the handle @adinaaaa18, has gone viral on the platform for sharing a scary incident she was apparently involved in at a train station.

Several TikTok users have come forward to extend their support to Adina as she has questioned the safety of women, detailing her own terrifying experience with strangers.

Adina’s story will bring you chills

Adina said she was attending a Jack Harlow concert with her roommate and they decided to take a train to get back home.

The TikToker has claimed in her video that when she and her lady friend headed to the station, they came across four random men on the platform.

According to Adina, the strangers started name-calling her and her roommate, saying “obscure things” and commenting on their appearance.

The 18-year-old further alleged that these men followed them to the other end of the station and even got into the same compartment as them.

Apparently, a fellow passenger gave Adina his sweatshirt to “cover” herself during the train ride.

TikToker raises awareness about safety of women

Adina made it clear in her videos that her intention was not to create a controversy but rather raise awareness about the safety of women.

She said she maintained a certain manner of speech when approached by strangers as it was important for her to understand the scenario for her own protection than react at the moment.

Adina also pointed that none of the fellow passengers stood up for her and her roommate and neither did anyone question the men who were following these two girls.

If there’s anything we have learned from Adina’s story, it’s how important it is for women to be aware of their surroundings and always know how to defend themselves in unforeseen situations.

People react to the scary experience

Many TikTok users have praised Adina for being vocal about her experience as it can help other women if they find themselves in similar scenarios.

One user commented, “As a millennial I am constantly in awe of our gen z sisters. y’all are so brave and literally changing the world.”

Another said, “Being assertive about wanting to be left alone does NOT = being rude. Be loud and stay strong.”

“I give you sooo much credit. I would’ve been so nervous and I definitely wouldn’t have reacted as well as you did. I’m so happy ur safe!!,” wrote another.

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