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The Responder Episode 5 Ending Explained Is It Real Life Story Behind Police Drama



The newest release on BBC “The Responder” has been sweeping all the limelight ever since it was premiered. It is no doubt that the hard-hitting drama is on its way to becoming the highlight of the TV calendar for 2022. Apart from getting aired on BBC One, the makers have also released the series on BBC iPlayer so that the viewers can watch the episodes at their own pace. As the drama has already released all five episodes, some fans still seem to be confused about the ending of episode 5. Well, no problem, as we have got you covered.

The Responder ending

Being premiered on BBC on Monday, January 24, 2022, the series has managed to create a lot of buzz already. Plenty of fans have already binge-watched the whole drama while some are watching at their own pace. Featuring Martin Freeman, the drama surfaces around the story of a corrupt police officer Chris Carson whose condition keeps growing bad as his mental health worsens which increased the constant pressure on him.

The Responder Ending Explained

Well, things get even more complicated when a new recruit Rachel is partnered with him. The pair soon come to know that the chances of their survival during the night shifts depends on them as either they will have to team up and work together or have to destroy one another. From the first episode, the story circulated around a bag of cocaine. A woman named Casey had stolen the bag from Carl Sweeney, a drug dealer and was shown having Chris in her pocket too.

As the bag of cocaine is worth a lot of money, the characters seem to get in trouble and face betrayals throughout the series. After the entry of Ray Mullen, matters for Chris get more complicated. Ray Mullen who happens to be the former colleague of Chris Carson, comes to find out about the latter being a corrupt officer. Talking about the finale episode, it was shown that Carl Sweeney, the drug dealer, was just working under Dr Diane Gallagher.

Gallagher is trying her best to protect her brother Greg from being killed in jail. Later, Carl gets killed which makes the story even more interesting. At the end of the series, Chris succeeds in tracking both Casey and the bag of drugs. Chris also sorts things up with his wife Kate. As The Responder ends, viewers are expecting season 2. Well, nothing is confirmed as of now.

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