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Soulja Boy leaked photos and videos – is retweeting thirsty fans



Rapper Soulja Boy seems very happy that his nude photos have been leaked online. In fact, he has been very effective at promoting his photos to go viral on social media after someone posted explicit images from his OnlyFans account. Over the past few hours, Soulja has retweeted hundreds of fans who reacted to the photos — especially those who say he deserves the “Big Draco” moniker

Sadly, Soulja Boy is one of many rappers who use OnlyFans as a side business to make extra cash, leaked after one of his subscribers allegedly took an explicit photo of him and posted it to Twitter . Several photos were leaked, one of the rapper wearing his underwear and another with his belt down. Due to the nature of these images, we won’t include them in the article…but they are there.

Many of Soulja’s followers lusted after these pictures, took pictures with him and told him he was very talented. Someone even said in his reply that Soulja might be a “half marathon”, and judging by the pictures, they make sense.

The 31-year-old artist doesn’t seem to care about the leak at all, sees the moment as a propaganda tool, and shares the official link to his OnlyFans, who will likely see followers’ comments in the next few days. upsurge. Check out some of the reactions Soulja Boy retweeted below.

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