Shawn Bradley Accident Bike Crash Details Shared With Fans Reaction Explained!

German American former professional basketball player, Shawn Bradley revealed about his death-dealing bike crash that left him paralyzed from the chest down. He is a former Dallas Mavs center who made his name in the NBA as an amazing and excellent shot-blocker. He told about his accident to Sports Illustrated in which he told that last January, just before exiting a roundabout near his home in St. George, Utah, he was struck by a Dodge minivan, whose driver was rushing towards his children’s school to pick him up as soon as possible, said story’s writer Brian Burnsed.

Shawn Bradley Accident

Just because of this accident, he spent three weeks in the ICU before moving to the inpatient neurological rehab wing, where his 7’6″ frame made another unique challenge to the medical staff of the hospital. He said that he uses a wheelchair that had weighs 500 pounds and took engineers three months to make this that costs more than most cars. Well, Bradley’s wife, Carre, and her three children, his family were dependent on a new $120,000 cargo van and there is a lift in the van that allows him to enter in the vehicle.

Not only just this but there was a custom-made shower chair in his house. Also, he needs assistance from a caregiver who helps him to exit from his bed and ready for the day. He told that those people who are very close with me, the first time they see me, it’s emotional. It is extremely draining. Well, Bradley and his medical staff team still aspire to one day when he will move from his chair to his bed and will walk without his assistance.

“There is something we all think is possible. We are not there yet but we are getting there” he said. After his accident, Bradley also said that the weight of being his family’s preeminent concern has taken a toll on him”. At the time of his game, he was one of the best basketball players who always played for victory. He was born on March 22, 1972 in Landstuhl, West Germany.

In his entire career, he played for Philadelphia 76ers from 1993 to 1995, New Jersey Nets (1995-97), and Dallas Mavericks (1997-2005). Along with this, he also won NBA All-Rookie Second Team, NBA Blocks Leader, NCAA blocks leader, Second-team All-WAC, WAC Fresh of the Year, and many more achievements he got in his career. According to the sources, the player started his career from his college life.

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