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Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s Episode 25th Jan 2022 Written Update Is Sandhya at Simar’s Side?



The latest episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 will be going to be so dramatic because as the show is going, no doubt that all the upcoming episodes of SSK2 are going to make you feel amazing. So, in the previous episode, we watched that Simar has taken the biggest responsibility of Makar Sakranti. Well, you must be thinking that what big is going to be in this, so we would like to let you know that in this show nothing can go easy. So, if you are keen to know what will happen tonight in the show then be here till the end.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Tonight’s episode of SSK2 begins with, Aditi talking to Simar and telling her that she also wants to be a good bahu like her Bhabhi (Simar). Meanwhile, Sandhya comes there and slams Aditi for talking to Simar saying “how can a girl be your idol who is not even a good daughter”. Aditi looks at her and asks why she is saying this, Sandhya says that how can she take advice from someone who could not be a good daughter. She then steps into the kitchen and asks what she is doing in the kitchen and then says Simar not to make her daughter like her because she is enough to create havoc in their life, suddenly Aditi stops her and says that Bhabhi was only making food and she was talking to her not vice versa.

Sandhya gets shocked and asks why she is cooking and how dare she enter the kitchen despite being in the swim that Sandhya has strictly denied her to enter the kitchen and touch anything. She then asks why she is making food for them and what she wants to prove by doing all this. Meanwhile, Chitra comes there and says her to control herself and not to be worried telling her that she has a solution for her problem. Sandhya looks at her and seeks the solution, Chitra then says to her that if she has really this problem with Simar then she should do partition of their kitchen, this shocks Sandhya.

She then calls Reema to tell Sandhya if she is saying wrong, Reema tells Sandhya that it is an amazing solution because, after this, she won’t be seeing Simar in the same kitchen and asks her that until when will they suffer from this, Sandhya fumes at her saying no partition will take place in this house and kitchen too. Chitra forces her to do a partition in the kitchen, Sandhya sticks to her words saying no partition will take place in this house but they can do one thing, everyone looks at her, she replies that whenever she will be in the kitchen Simar should not be there at any cost. The episode ends here stay connected to get more updates.

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