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Sasural Simar Ka 2 January 11-2022 written update: Vivan’s mother father gets knee down



The lovers of the colors tv’s most-watched and highly appreciated drama “Sasural Simar Ka 2“. We are aware of the fact that you guys are the biggest enthusiast of this drama so we are here with the written episode of 11 January 2022. Tonight’s episode of this serial is going to be giving you guys a shock as Simar and Arav both are in danger as Mohit is following them and he is planning well to attack them. And they aren’t aware of it at all. This is going to create a huge drama both will we have seen saving each other from him. We will see that Mohit sets the fire around their tents and they are so shocked to see that they are between the blaze and so confused about how to become out from it. There are large flames of fire around them and a bamboo hits Simar then Arav tried to save her.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Arav is trying to save themselves from ablaze. Then Arav promises her to be calm and he will be going to take her out from it. But then Simar faints and she becomes unconscious. After which Arav becomes so helpless and he keeps on trying to save her. While on the other side Mohit is enjoying seeing them in a trouble and it is all created by him to make them tense and to kill them too. He then started to be counting to see them both dead. But Arv is giving his best to save Simar and he started to dig there so that he can extinguish a fire. And then he extinguishes ablaze with the help of mud.

And both of them are finally saved. Later they catch Mohit and Simar tells Arav not to forgive Mohit, as he used to think that every single girl is his mistress and a toy to fulfill his physical needs. While Arav is so angry and he keeps on attacking him. Simar is also there and she is also angry to see Mohit. Later Arav loses her temper and he put on a piece of hard rock to kill Mohit. But Simar stops him and tells him to not do this and she even give him she was. After which Arav stops and Simar hugs him. Later Mohit runs away from there. And the episode ends here.

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