Samantha Maag Death: Jeffrey Stepien Charged With Murder After Beating Lady To Death, CCTV Death Video Footage!

Jeffrey Stepien, 49, has been accused of first-degree homicide. Following cops say he bashed a lady to kill with such a rod within an Old Downtown office complex, a Philly man has been arrested with homicide. The Walnut Street Tower is where you’ll find me. Witnesses informed authorities that a guy had only just raped a girl on the upper floor before they came. At approximately 2:15 p.m. on Wed, officers got a report regarding a theft, thus according to authorities.

Samantha Maag Death Reason

Samantha Maag Death Reason

Samantha Maag, 31, was left on the ground, according to officials. We found Stepien smoking two tubes in his hands here. Stepien got apprehended safely. She perished died in the hospital. “Sorry and yet still seeking solutions to several things,” Maag’s relatives informed CBS3. Witness said that he was the assailant. She was then transported to Jefferson Teaching Hospital when she died at 3:16 p.m. Maag was discovered to have major brain trauma & cuts on his wrists and legs as authorities approached the 8th level.

Who Killed Samantha Maag? Suspect Killer Name

We do not feel the occurrence was a family issue, but they do not think they were always together. Stepien is suspected of renting at most one apartment on the upper floor, according to authorities. Traces of blood were also seen just on the floor. The witness informed authorities that a woman dubbed the “team captain,” was seated in a receiving seat in an 8th office before Stephen approached her allegedly beat her inside the skull with a steel tube at least five times. Authorities said that Stephen as well as the deceased, both from Blenheim, New Jersey, know someone else and it had previously argued. He even said he resided close to the structure.

Who Is Jeffrey Stepien? Wikipedia Biography Family

Police were dispatched to an apartment after receiving a complaint of the hostage situation and then were informed that a guy had assaulted a lady when police got. He was defended by the Philly Guards Union in his latest instance. A reason has yet to be discovered by the authorities. Stepien was condemned to 1-2 years in jail in 2011 for a misdemeanor battery in Lackawant to District, according to court documents. Samantha Maag, 31, of Blenheim, New Jersey, was discovered laying on the floor of an office complex on the 300 block of Chestnut Street at around 2:14 p.m. Yesterday, according to authorities. The attorney general’s office, according to spokesperson George Jackson, has no statement on the matter.

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