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Sale Sharks Squad suspend player arrested over rape allegation



A player from Sale Sharks has been suspended after he was arrested by Manchester Police as he was suspected of rape of a teenager. His name can not be published due to some legal reasons. Follow this article till the last line to know the full matter as we have got some important information regarding this case. England international is accused of raping a teenager and he was in detention of the police since last Sunda, and further information is given in below sections, so read the below-placed sections to know more.

Sale Sharks Squad

Sale Sharks Squad suspend

The accused man was held on 9 January 2022 and a woman was also arrested for her wrong intention to cause a sexual crime. But later both were released on bail as per the reports and the investigation is still on by the detectives. Sale Sharks said that they have got to know about the case against one of its players and the allegations against him when he was arrested by Greater Manchester Police on 9th January 2022, Sunday and as he is in the custody of the police he will be remain suspended until further notice and Sale Sharks is in full cooperation with investigating officer to assist the police in this case and as this is the legal matter there will be no comment from premiership side.

England Rugby Star Arrested

Sale Sharks Squad player arrested

Danny Cipriani’s spouse has expressed the anger shown by the couple as she thought that they were arrested for the wrong suspicion. Victoria is a 41 years old mental health campaigner and married to Bath, 34 years old last year on Wednesday morning told about her great alarm and distress when she came about the incident. Victoria said on social media that journalists had made a ‘wild guess’ because she and the arrested women along with an unknown rugby player both were of the same age.

According to the police reports, police came to know about the incident when they got a call on Sunday around 11 am of a sexual offense on a female who was nearly in her 20s, and after that incident, a special officer was assigned to assist the teenager and a man and a woman were arrested on suspicion of rape and aiding an element to cause a sexual crime. After a long investigation on both suspects, both were released on bail but they have not cleaned from the accusations yet. We will add further details regarding this incident as something big will up on the internet.

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