Revealed: Ted Cruz’s daughter Caroline exposes him in viral TikTok video

The young 13-year-old reportedly gained tons of attention online when her telling TikTok video went viral and people are eager to view the now-inaccessible content.

What did Caroline Cruz say about her father on social media before her public account was privatised?

What did Ted Cruz’s daughter say about him?

At the time of upload, Caroline Cruz had a public backup TikTok account with the username @caro_iguess.

Once viewers recognised her as Dallas County Judge Ted Cruz’s daughter, @caro_iguess‘s follower count soon increased and her videos were exposed to thousands of users.

While her content is now inaccessible to non-following users, a Twitter user shared a screen record of the video in question.

In response to requests in the comment section, @caro_iguess decided to share the pros and cons surrounding her family, listing benefits such as gifts and travel.

However, @caro_iguess stated disadvantages including security guards having to follow her around in public at all times.

Caroline claimed that while a lot of people judge her based on her father, she does not share all of the same views and reportedly disagrees with most of them.

American politician and attorney Ted Cruz has been serving as the junior United States Senator for Texas since 2013.

According to the Independent, Cruz and has reportedly found himself in controversy over the years and has managed to build mixed opinions between his audience.

Caroline Cruz exposes the family Christmas card

Aside from touching on her father’s views, Caroline Cruz also mentioned the truths of her family photographs.

Alongside her smiling family members, the eldest of Cruz’s two daughters is shown with a straight face on the front of their annual Christmas card.

In the same viral video as previously mentioned, @caro_iguess acknowledged the photograph and claimed that her family had edited her shirt to appear longer:

“Also, on the Christmas card, they literally made my shirt longer.”

Caroline inserted a mirror selfie to prove that she was originally wearing a fairly short cropped top but the printed image displays the shirt as being regular-length.

The viral TikTok account is now privatised

After her content blew up online and reached masses of views, Caroline Cruz’s TikTok profile has now been privatised.

While a reason has not yet been confirmed as to why she has made her account inaccessible to the public, some users suspect this is not entirely a coincidence.

A Twitter user suggested that Ted Cruz may have possibly ordered his daughter to make her popular profile private after she shared information about the family.

@caro_iguess currently has over 16,000 followers as well as more than 47,000 likes and no bio displayed.

In addition to her backup account, Cruz’s main TikTok profile (@carolinecamille04) displays her name as “caro (taylor’s version)”, in reference to Taylor Swift’s latest album.

@carolinecamille04 is also a private profile.

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