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Another video of a famous Internet celebrity video is circulating all over the Internet nowadays. The video is spreading all over the Internet like a wildfire and become the talk of the town of the netizens. According to the reports, the famous Instagram celebrity name Diana di Meo trending all over the Internet. Recently, the social media star confronts everyone and said that it is a matter of revenge Porn as the clip had been uploaded with her consent. She criticized the people who are behind this heinous act. Get more information on Diana di Meo viral Instagram video.

diana di meo

Recently, the online star took Instagram to criticize all such rubbish surfacing on the Internet. She said that her private video is surfacing on some of the popular platforms including Telegram and Whatsapp. The revenge p@rn victim also shared that she has filed a complaint and urged law enforcement to take down all the culprits. Along with being a famous Social Media celebrity, she is also a famous football referee of the Pescara section. Along with a 3:04 minutes video featuring a long caption.

Diana Di Meo Video

The long caption started with Revenge P@rn, she then mentioned the meaning of the term said that uploading someone’s private video on the Internet with him/her consent. She said it is a kind of mental and physical assault you are doing with someone by posting someone’s private moment and making everyone watch it. Diana further said that such mishaps happen to many of us regularly but not all of us take a stand against it and hide in fear of defame. She says that today she is going to give hope to all of them by raising her voice.

She said that the entire world thinks that the real culprits are those who got featured in the video. But the real culprit is those who are recording such moments privily or uploading the video without their consent. She said I am the victim today but she will find out the culprit tomorrow for sure. She says the people who are watching and enjoying the video might be featured in the next video and some others will smile while watching the video.

Her video is gathering enormous attention who are standing with the referee. As of now, the authority is trying to chase the culprits. We will get back to you with more information on the case. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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