Raj Sangha Viral Video Link: Who Is The Girl In The Leaked Scandal Clip

Every day, plenty of people become popular on social media. Whether it is because of their creative content or their videos that get leaked online, people are becoming famous almost every day. Another name has been added to this list who has recently gone viral on various platforms. Yes, we are talking about Raj Sangha who is grabbing eyeballs after one of his private clips went viral. Besides, a woman is also reportedly seen in the said video which is gaining a lot of attention as well. Let us find out the details about the video.

Raj Sangha Viral Video

Recently, a video has been surfacing on the internet which has brought the attention of internet users. Yes, Raj Sangha’s leaked video clip has become the topic of discussion ever since it was shared online. The one-minute-long clip shows Raj Sangha passionately kissing a woman. The couple kept kissing one another throughout the video. Although some sources are claiming that the video is not real and completely fake, some are denying those claims and are stating that it is real. Whatever be the thing, the video is getting huge attention from the people all around.

Raj Sangha Viral Video Clip

As the video is getting a lot of engagement from the internet, both Raj Sangha and the woman who is seen in the video has become the subject of interest. People are getting curious to know who are they and if the video was made intentionally or did it got leaked for real. As per the sources, Raj Sangha happens to be a popular content creator who even enjoys a decent fan following. Talking about the video, it was originally uploaded on TikTok, the popular video-sharing platform. Later, the video surfaced on other platforms including Reddit, Twitter and more.

Apart from the man who is reportedly being identified as Raj Sangha, the woman’s identity is not revealed yet. It has not been confirmed who is she. Well, let us tell you that the video is getting criticized by a lot of people too as they believe that it was made viral just for the sake of publicity. Yes, plenty of users is claiming that Raj knew what he was doing and wanted to make the video viral so that he can gain controversy and limelight. A Twitter user wrote that she understood that the video was intentional when she noticed the woman staring right at the camera.

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