Queensland Health Elective Surgery: Non-Urgent Elective Surgeries has been shifted

Red alerts are issued in many countries and lockdown and curfews have already been put into effect. In further addition to this elective surgeries will be suspended statewide in Queensland until the month of March as Queensland records around 11,174 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday, 8th January 2022. The public hospitals are postponing all non-urgent elective surgeries until the 1st March 2022. There are 17 people in intensive care, 3 on ventilators, and 350 other Coronavirus patients are admitted into the hospital whereas 24,000 are being cared for at house.

Queensland Health Elective Surgery

Queensland Health Elective Surgery

The state reached 91.10% of those with 1 dose of a COVID-19 whereas 87.67% were entirely vaccinated. Yvette D’Ath, the Health Minister of Queensland stated that the decision to postpone the 3rd category and some 2nd category elective surgery had been made to aid to make sure the system had enough or sufficient capacity to deal with the predicted peak of Omicron cases in the forthcoming weeks.

Minister D’Ath stated that “Throughout the ongoing pandemic, our healthcare services have constantly adapted to meet demand and deliver life-saving care. Postponing non-urgent elective surgeries is a poor but necessary and required step to make sure the natives of Queensland can continue to access urgent, serious, and critical healthcare if and when they required it.

Our government hospitals will also be looking to either postpone or deliver by telehealth, all non-urgent sufferers appointments, whether new or follow up, for the same period of time to authorize our valuable workforce to be rearranged in order to support critical and serious service delivery. Trauma and emergency surgery and category 1 urgent planned surgery will work or proceed as normal as will critical services like renal dialysis and chemotherapy.

“Our healthcare workers and staff are continuing to work hard in order to respond to this unparalleled demand on our services. We require to do what we can do to aid our frontline heroes, especially when, as expected, more and more of our healthcare workers and medical staff will be away from work because of being infected with Coronavirus or quarantined as a close contact.

“These changes will make sure we still have sufficient medical staff to continue providing essential healthcare to the citizens of Queensland who require it.”

On Saturday around 3505 health workers were either positive or in isolation.

Minister D’Ath stated that the decision depicted the national postponement of routine elective surgery in the starting part of the pandemic in the year 2020 with similar types of surgeries postponed. Minister further added, “We will review the situation at the end of January, to check or determine if we are in the state to recommence non-urgent 2nd and 3rd category elective surgeries before time than planned.”

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