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Pooh Shiesty Arrested: Why was Pooh Shiesty Arrested and In jail? Bond Denial Explained



Why was Pooh Shiesty Arrested and In jail? Bond Denial Explained: Switch It Up rapper named Pooh Shiesty is currently in the headlines and become the trending subject of social media after the news of his arrest started spreading all over the web and news channels. Reportedly he was involved in an illegal firearms conspiracy and is currently in detention but what are the actual facts and real story behind the rapper’s arrest. People have kept their keen eyes on this hot subject and this is the reason we have come up with the deep study of this case. The below sections of this article will help you to know more about Pooh Shiesty.

Pooh Shiesty Arrested

Pooh Shiesty Arrested

Pooh Shiesty is a resident of New Orleans and well known for his rapping profession but nowadays he is in the custody of the police. According to the police statements he was arrested on the suspicion of possessing illegal firearms and drug trafficking. Reportedly he is behind the bars since last year’s July month and he is accused of being the partner of a person in a misdeed and fired on a car at Memphis’s gas station in Tennessee and he was also involved in drug trafficking as he was caught by police in a drug deal of marijuana with Jayden Darosa and Bobby brown at Bay Harbor Islands in October 2020.

Why was Pooh Shiesty Arrested?

Later in December 2020, Pooh Shiesty aka Williams was captured by police officials for inkling with shooting but he pleaded not guilty and got bail in March. And after a few months, he was again involved in a shooting offense at Northwest Miami Dade County for firing at the leg of security guard of King of Diamonds strip club. According to police reports he is not sentenced to life detention but he is serving imprisonment of eight years.

Why was Pooh Shiesty In jail?

As per the sources, Pooh Shiesty’s law team has pleaded for bond but it has been rejected on 13th January by Magistrate Judge Lauren Fleischer Louis in the court but judge Louis agreed to charge him lighter than previous charges which he faced in order to show some respect toward his reputation and celebrity image. If we go on Pooh Shiesty’s physical appearance he is a five feet ten inches tall guy and he is a 72kg weighed man. It is also estimated that he established a net worth of 2 million USD, usually, he receives approximately $35,000 for one show. For further details stay tuned with us through this page.

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