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Nima Denzongpa 25th Jan 2022 Episode Written Update: Manya and Paras Get Engaged



In the latest episode of Nima Denzongpa, we have watched that Manya is waiting for Sia and Naari to arrive at the ceremony. On other hand, Maaji is pressuring Manya to put the ring on Paras’ finger and complete the engagement ceremony. In between all this Manya drops at the same time Sia along with Naari and Sunita arrived in the engagement. Maaji fumes and asks them to leave, but Sia convince her that they have come on the pretext of Manys’s friend. Get more information on Nima Denzongpa Written Update.

Nima Denzongpa

At the time Sia is talking with Maaji, Bakay brings Tulika and Varun into the hall and tells Maaji that she barged into our house. Maaji gets scared seeing her and denied recognizing her, but Tulika said that she is from the Mehandi department. Sunita there recognized Rani Sa when she misbehaved with her in society. Rani also sees her and asks her to unveil her face, but Sunita handles the things with her clever mind and narrow escapes from getting caught. Maaji asks to start’s the engagement ceremony and said only family members will be on the stage with the bride and groom.

Nima Denzongpa 25-1-2022

Manya prays to god that she also wants her family standing beside Paras’s family. Rani in her stubbornness of standing on stage asks Nima to take her on the stage. But Nima fails to assist her alone so calls Sia and Naar to help her. She asks Suresh to put a chair on stage and with that Manya’s complete family is now on the stage. Paras gesture Nima to give the ring she brought for him. They all are privily pass the ring but Ranisa again catch them and this time Paras comes with an excellent excuse and said this is my lucky ring and asks Manya to put this ring first as it is extremely lucky for me.

Manya and Paras exchange the ring, Manya and Nima get emotional every time they exchanges look. Manya and Paras take blessing from Paras’s parents and while touching RaniSa’s feet they also take blessing from Suresh and Manya they both get elated seeing everything is going fine.

Later, Babita started the Sangeet ceremony and everyone started dancing including Manya and Paras’ family but at different times. Ranisa is noticing that Manya is getting emotional seeing Nima every time. She inwardly says that there is something going on here. Tune in to Colors Tv at 9 PM and from Monday to Friday and watch exclusive episodes. Stay connected with Social Telecast for more updates.

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