Natalia Deobato Video L3aked Natalia Deobato BBB Video Goes Viral on Social Media Reddit / Twitter


The whole Internet is following a name on social media and everyone is getting excited to know about the name and the reason behind the popularity. As we know social media is a large platform and almost every single individual is using this platform to get attached to others.

Natalia Deobato Video Leaked

Today, we have reported one more name on the platform where a girl named Natalia Deobato is going viral rapidly on social media and everyone is keen to know about her.

Natalia Deobato Video L3aked

So, let us tell you that an intimate video of the girl is going viral on every social media platform like Twitter and Reddit. Since the video of the girl went viral on social media, the Civil Police of Minas Gerais is investigating the l3ak and dissemination of an intimate video of a girl.

According to the sources, Natalia Deobato is a model, nail designer and participant of the popular reality show Big Brother Brasil (BBB) 22. Along with this, Civil Police said that they received a complaint on Tuesday night at the Specialized Police Station for Assistance to Women. Later, it was found that the victim is identified as a 39-years-old participant of the show.

By taking support of social media, the team of Natalia Deobato said that it is aware of the sharing of the video and it will take appropriate measures.

Natalia Deobato Video Goes Viral on Internet

A Twitter post reads,” Sharing this content is disrespectful to the participant and the family as well. This is very serious and no person should go through this exposure. We need to take down this content and we need your help!”.

Along with this, it is also important to share with our readers that Law No. 13,718 of September 25, 2018, was made it a crime to disclose scenes of $ex, nud!ty, and p#rnogr@phy without the consent of the victim.

Because of such action, the video was watched by several people on the Internet and most of the people have already an intimate video of her. I was disgusting to share such kind of content on social media which can even destroy the life of a girl.

Since morning, the known face has become a hot topic on the Internet and everyone is trying to search the video on social media.

Well, the reports are believing that the video has been removed from all social media platforms and if you are one of them who are just searching for the video so, you are just wasting your time. The video is no longer available on social media. Stay tuned with us to know more updates.

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