Molkki 27th January 2022 Episode Written Update: Prakashi Plans To Kill Virender

The episode Of Molkki starts with Gajarj visiting the jail to meet Prakashi. Prakashi says that by looking at his shining eyes, she can understand that their plan to throw Purvi, Virender, and the kids out of the house has worked. Gajraj smiles and offers her sweets. Prakashi feels proud of Gajraj and says that he has always made her proud and blesses him. She adds that she had been trying to throw them out of Haveli for years but could not get successful and he has done it with so much ease.


Prakashi apologizes to Gajraj for using him as a pawn all these years when he is a minister instead. She says that he is no less than a minister who not just protects his queen but also makes sure that their enemies live gets messed up. Prakashi promises him if he continued to be the same, she will make sure that he rules in future. She recalls how Virender had shot her and adds that she want him to beg on the streets and prays that out of hunger and poverty, he ends up shooting himself.

Molkki Written Episode Update

Gajraj asks her what are they planning next to which Prakashi tells him about Ramayana. Speaking of Ramayana, Prakahsi tells Gajraj that just like Ram who first took care of Meghnad and Kumbhkaran before killing Ravana, they have to do the same too. She says that they have to separate the kids from Purvi and Virender first as it will totally break them. She adds that after that, they will kill the pair easily.

After a while, Gajraj gets impressed with Parakashi’s plan and says that they will definitely succeed as Virender would not have even imagined that we will plan something like that. Here, Yogi and Virender are in hospital. Purvi notices that Virender looks tense and asks him about it. Virender says that he was at least trying and asks her if she could not have waited and trusted him a bit.

Purvi says that both Anjali and her baby were in critical condition and adds that she does not even know who is Gajraj. Purvi further says that she had only one intention which was to protect her family and that she never wanted to let him down. She tells Virender how Anjali’s condition is critical and that they must have to deposit 2 lakhs so that her operation can be done. Virender agrees.

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