Missing: Who Are Damari Perry Parents? 6-Year-Old Found Dead in Chicago – Mother, two Siblings Arrested

Who is Damari Perry Parents? Jannie M. Perry, the mother has been charged with murder concealment of murder, and obstruction of justice. The two brothers were also accused of a bad habit, concealing genocide, and preventing justice. As per the authorities, the mother of Damari Perry, a 6-year-old kid who went missing in Gary, Indiana has been charged with his murder. The boy’s two siblings were also undertaken with hiding the body.

Damari Perry

Who Are Damari Perry Parents?

Perry was reported missing, telling police to warn about his disappearance. According to police, the family first said to the police that Damari and her 16-year-old sister were rushed to a party in the Skokie area by a man and a woman. Sources said Damari’s sister drank last night at the party and fell asleep. When she got up, the young boy and man were no longer at the residence. But Lake County State’s attorney general’s office said that the story was utterly false.

Damari Perry Mother and 2 Siblings Arrested

Jannie M. Perry is the mother of Damari Perry, but there is no information about his father. Even though, Go Fund Me organization on behalf of his father has been arranged. North Chicago police suspect his family members and have arrested three of them in connection with Damari’s death. Perry was found dead outside a vacant house on the 700 block of Van Buren Street in Gary.

Damari Perry Parents Name and Photos

According to police, and his death is being investigated as a homicide. According to the Lake County County Attorney’s Office in Illinois State, Jannie, the boy’s mother, has been charged with murder, obstruction of justice, and murder cover-up. Jeremiah R. Perry, Damari’s brother, is accused of aggravated assault, causing significant harm to children under the age of 12, concealing murder, and obstructing justice. Perry’s cousin has also been detained on suspicion of murder. All three are expected to appear in court.

Damari Perry Chicago Missing 6-Year-Old Found Dead

Damari Perry was reported missing before 5 pm on January 5 but has been seen between 5 pm and 6 pm. FBI already started investigating the case and searching for the boy who they said was missing under unusual circumstances. The boy’s mother said Damari and his 16-year-old sister were taken to a party in Skokie, North Chicago, by a man and a woman. His sister said she fell asleep after drinking and two hours later her brother and the man had already been disappeared. After a few days, Perry’s body was found 70 miles away across the state line in Gary, Indiana, and declared dead.

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