Missing: What Happened To Harmony Montgomery and Where She Right Now, Parents Arrested? Case Update

Another news hitting the headline that a seven-year-old girl is missing whose name is Harmony Montgomery. This case has become a mysterious case in two years because when the little girl was reported missing she was five years old at that time and now she will be around seven years of age. Nothing has been found by Manchester police’s hand but police have not sat silently they are still trying to search Harmony Montgomery. There are many speculations are being made on this case. Drag down the page and get more about Harmony Montgomery’s missing case.

Harmony Montgomery

What Happened To Harmony Montgomery?

Manchester Police have done everything to find the girl but nothing came as positive for them but they are still trying hard to get some clue on this case. As per the police statements, the investigation officer will start from starting point of the theory from the location of Harmony Montgomery where she was last seen. Harmony Montgomery’s home is in Gilford Street, Manchester. This case is active since 2019, two years ago the little girl was reported missing in the Manchester police station after the police are still in process of investigating the case but unfortunately they have not got a single clue in this case.

Where Is Harmony Montgomery Right Now?

From the last location where she was noticed last time police approached that location again in hope of finding something related to her and also tried their all resource for the girl’s search, but there is no positive updates come from the police regarding Harmony Montgomery’s missing case. Police have also announced an eye-catching number of almost $100,000 to the person who will give information about her. And also published a number on which the informer can call to share her whereabouts with the police, the number is 603-203-6060.

Harmony Montgomery Parents Arrested?

This case is becoming one of the unsolved cases of Manchester Police as there is no lead on Harmony Montgomery’s case. But reportedly her father has been arrested by police for certain charges on him as he failed to keep Harmony Montgomery in custody which he was received by the court. And police are investigating him on the doubts of his involvement in Harmony Montgomery’s kidnap. Along with her father, her stepmother was also arrested for welfare fraud as both of them have got food stamps even when her daughter was not with them. Harmony Montgomery’s real parents are Adam Montgomery and Crystal Sorey but Adam was granted for his daughter due to his wife’s drug addiction.

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