Missing Couple Yosanth Jegatheeswaran & Prasanthy Aruchunan Dead Or Alive?

Social media is flooded with posts related to Yosanth Jegatheeswaran and Prasanthy Aruchunan. You must have also come across the names as they seem to have occupied all the top trends right now on the internet. Well, if that is not the case, we have got you covered. Yes, we will provide a brief detail about the aforementioned names and will tell you why they are even trending. Let us tell you that Yosanth and Prasanthy are a couple who has reportedly been missing for almost a week. Check who are they in this article.

Yosanth Jegatheeswaran & Prasanthy Aruchunan

As per reports, Yosanth Jegatheeswaran was seen on Sunday, Saturday 22, 2022, for the last time while Prasanthy Aruchunan was lastly seen on Sunday, Jan 23, at 12:10 PM. Ever since they have been missing and no update regarding their whereabouts have come forward. The duo has been constantly trending online as netizens seem to search about them. Toronto police have lodged the missing complaint about the couple and have started their investigation as well. However, no clue has been gotten by the authorities. Despite giving their best efforts, the cops could not collect any evidence about them.

The 29-year-old Yosanth belongs to North York. Police have described him as a 5 feet 11 inches tall man having brown eyes short black hair and a beard. He is reported to be the partner of a woman named Prasanthy Aruchunan who seems to be in her late 20s as well. Various media portals have shared the news and have appealed to the public to share anything about them if they seem to have the information. Several sites are also claiming that they are married and are husband and wife. Whatever be the relationship, the concerning thing is that the couple is missing for a week now.

Tamil Worldstar, a Twitter user, shared a picture of the couple with the caption informing them about their ages and the date when they went missing. According to the user, the police have confirmed the passing of the couple. Yes, the user has written that the police have found the dead body of the pair and have shared that they died after drowning in a pond the same day they reportedly went missing in Brampton. Toronto Police Operations have also shared the news on Twitter and has informed that Yosanth was driving a grey-colored Toyota Camry and has shared the license plate number as well.

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